Wednesday, 2 November 2011

周杰倫JayChou's latest album 2011 驚嘆號 完整版MV and Mine Mine 完整版 MV

It's time for Jay Chou's once a year album and so far two MTV's have been released. The first one being an over CGI-ed one.


I can see why it's been getting 'dislikes' on Youtube. It's cute but in a poor cartoon kind of way. Obviously nothing compared to Disney'Pixar but it guess you have to start somewhere. Anyhow i'm not such a great fan of the really fast and furious songs. The second MV released is for a song called "mine mine" which is definitely more my cup of tea. 

It sounds as it should for a breezy happy love song. Wonder if this is meant for anyone? Anyhow, i'm looking forward to listening to more from the album of this musical genius who can dance,act, be flilial son of the year as well as have the ability to choose the prettiest girlfriends.Oh, and also the ability to irritate paparazzi no end. Apparently as they were tailing him at the airport after his rumored holiday in Japan, after constant bugging from paparazzi's he had this to say' Walk carefully if you fall then that would be really funny.' Love his soundbites.

The latest album loosely translated as 'exclamation mark' will be launched on 11/11/11, an apt date for his 11th album release.

I'm looking forward to this one.

In the meantime i'm still in awe of his slick dance moves.

UPDATE: Two more new songs have been released. Just blogged about it here.

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