Thursday, 17 November 2011

My blog has been copied part 2

If you are a long term reader of my blog, you would probably have remembered that my post was copied word for word spelling errors and all by an entertainment web page. By a stroke of luck (good or bad- up to you to decide) i chanced upon a blog that copied every picture and every post I published since 2007!!


And the worst thing is , I can't do anything about it!

Here are some pictorial proof of that low-life copycats copycat blog.

In between  my posts were silly unrelated posts about wallpapers and links out.That's how the hacker makes money i suppose.I hate it that it's called HelloKittyWallpapers! That just took it to a whole new bimbotic level. (Note to self: less bimbotic posts from now on)and how incredulous is it for the hacker to actually establish 6 blogs chock full of posts at the same time on October 2011!

Does blogspot not find this suspicious?!

My hotmail account was hacked a while ago but the problem was subsequently rectified. The problem was, i used the same account for my blogger login. That i presume was how this imbecile managed to export my whole blog onto another account. I don't understand though what's in it for him/her. I hope it's a girl though, make me feel better somehow.

Anyhow i've changed my account to a different login author and that's why i suppose this person is not able to get access to my newer posts.

Cheh stupid person! My readers are not stupid enough to go and click on your suspicious links!

There really should be a cyberlaw against this in Malaysia but for now, i really can't do anything about except report the blog as spam.

Anyone has any ideas what else i can do?


~mEm0RiEs~ said...

try to click at the link on top, "report abuse", at the copy cat's blog..??

Fiona said...

have you click the link on top "Report Abuse"?

Shines said...

This is bad. Gosh, this kind of people really disgusts me too! Just senang2 copy-paste the hard work of others...terrible! $#&%^! Other than watermarking all your pictures (which you're already doing), maybe you can try the "report abuse" button? Or fill in this form for Blogger?

1) How can I report abuse? (under 'impersonated user identity):
2) Form to report copyright infringement:

Still, I managed to track his ip address by the way darling. The location of this blogger thief is Mountain View, California. Here: Meanwhile, any kind IT-expert reader here can recommend an effective method of blocking his ip maybe? Where there's a will, there's a way! *hugs* ♡ Hope this idiot's blog gets shut down asap...good luck darling! :)

saltvinegar said...

Fiona and Veanne : I've tried that but all I get is a statement saying blogger can't do anything about it but if there is a copyright infringement I can try filling up a form. When I tried filling up the form, well It sounds like filing a lawsuit so I just stopped after tht.

Shines: Thanks girl! You took the trouble to google solutions for me and even track down his ip address? Thats so sweet of you! Really appreciate it! I'll see what I can do based on ur info. Somehow I feel nothing can be done but I'll try my best! Thanks! You're such a sweetheart!

adeline said...

Imitation is the best form of flattery. Maybe post something absolutely ridiculous and see if they copy it, and have a good laugh at the same time!

saltvinegar said...

Ha ha i changed my account so no more copycat posts~

asingaporeanson said...

That site uses the same template as my blog :D

Lovely Willow said...

Hey there darling? I am going thru the same problem as you now!
It was 2 nites ago when I found out that my entire blog from year 2008 till 2011 had been copied verbatim right down to the words!!! Thats about 200+ blog posts!! I have warned the impostor scathingly and reported them due course. Im just waiting for the blogger team to take action! I feel you sister - im in the same boat right now!

saltvinegar said...

LOvelyWillow you have to advise me.. how do i report this person? I've left him a msg tru the blog but the fake blog is still up. Since i had recovered my email, the impostor has no access to my new posts.. but it irks me years of my efforts are on somebody else's fake blog!


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