Sunday, 2 January 2011

Jay Chou post plagiarized

My sole purpose of writing this blog is to express how i feel, introduce exciting new products as well as portraying random snippets of my life. I therefore write in a very informal manner with lots of colloquialism thrown in.

I , (not in a million years) do not expect to ever be plagiarized. For God's sake I'm not even typing in proper English.

But the 'copy and paste' syndrome is so rampant online now. So much so my little post about Jay Chou (You can read it here) has been plagiarized word for word by... wait for it....


What the hell is Online USA News??

Looks like a whole website of to mention overdose of ads in the most inappropriate places.

And i would never have found out if not for the alert by an anonymous commenter. (I have a nagging suspicion it's Tien Lee).

And so i have been plagiarized. Not a mention of my blog. No links. No credit. No nothing.

And the worst thing is, there's nothing i can do about it. I tried leaving a comment but there's something seriously wrong with the link.And I've checked. Some posts credit the author but certainly not my post.

All i can do is rant that i have been copied and take some remedial steps to reduce the incidence of this problem.

1) Watermark photos. (Having a picture stolen would be worse).There have even been cases of stolen identities. The worse case being the one from Beverly's Secret.

2) Subscribe to copy scape.

3) Hope for the best.

Seriously, as apposed to cheating in an exam,there is no teacher for us to complain to in the blogosphere. 

Here's a good guide on how to deal with plagiarism from copyscape.

What am i gonna do?


It's not worth the hassle.

Since my whole purpose was to provide information about Jay Chou's concert, i suppose my post had served it's purpose with a post on an alternate platform.

I am in no way saying plagiarism is okay, nor am i supporting plagiarism. I'm just saying it's not worth sweating the small stuff.

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Anonymous said...

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