Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Mille Crepe

The first time i ate Mille crepes was in Malacca introduced by my dear brother. I did not know what it was called then.

Then i saw it again on a lovely blog with a detailed step by step recipe.

Ever since i saw this recipe thoughtfully translated by Fancy Illusionist, I've been itching to try it. There were a lot of steps but at least it did not require an oven. I have no proper fridge but i have a mini bar. I have no electric mixer but i have a whisk and some strength. ( I am living in a temporary quarters so no point splurging on all those yeah?). I had bought all the required ingredients about 2 weeks ago but only managed to whisk them all up today.

And here are the fruits of my labour.

Fist i had to whisk and mix all the ingredients the night before.

Then i had to painstakingly pan fry thin pieces of what looked like pancakes.I broke the first few but the rest were a piece of cake. (pun unintentionally intended)

Then i surprise myself for actually being able to whisk whipping cream into cream with a manual whisk.

A pity i did not buy enough cream. I needed 300mls but only bought the box of 200mls whipping cream. Cos the next available size was 600mls. What a waste!

But so that means i did not have enough creme for all my crepes so out of my 16 pieces of crepes 5 were unused but delightfully gobble up by my one true love.

And all that effort for this...

I present to you my first Mille Crepe!

Oh my gosh it actually looks better in real life and the taste is not bad too! Wish i had more layers and cream though.

Weirdly enough after that i had craving for 'Kari Maggie Mee with Hua Tiao Qiu'.

Do you feel hungry?


AnnaYJia said...

nice !!! Yeah that's one of the point I like this too bcoz it doesn't require the use oven ^^ coz I dun have any in my house XD haha...
Nice try ^^ I am tempting to make another one now ! haha...

saltvinegar said...

Thanks girl love your recipe.. hmm.. i think durian flavoured one would be yum!


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