Saturday, 29 January 2011

More and Como March 2011

More March 2011 comes with 3 matching pouches from Banner Barrett. 
Yeah i know. What brand is that right?But the 3 matching pouches are cute!

You can see the dimensions of each pouch from the picture. The prints are lovely, all the pouches have different coloured zippers and they are all labeled with the brand name. They are all made of polyester satin.

Judging from real product photos, the material looks sturdy but the interior looks prone to be dirtied as it is white. The seams are as usual not piped, so it's important not to put too many things in the pouch as only one layer of stitching is holding the pouch.

It does look handy as a make up case, pencil box or eye-wear holder though.

Como 2011 Mach issue comes with a Jill Stuart multi case! It is not unlike the many multi cases given out by Japanese Magazines recently. The only difference is that it is Jill Stuart.

 It is made of polyester and the size is 20 x 13 cm. The polyester seems to be coated with a thin pvc so it water resistant to a certain extent.It has 6 slots to put cards and a large mesh compartment as well as a small flap where u can clip a pen.

The cover is a lovely light pink with floral details while the interior is yellow.What i don't like about it though is how the zip sticks out.

I'm gonna wait patiently for the new mooks and give these a miss.


xin said...

I like Jill Stuart but never heard of como before (x,x) But I really like magazine/book/mook recommendations ^^ nice post!

saltvinegar said...

Thanks Xin, loving ur blog too. I'm kinda addicted to mooks and jap mags already


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