Saturday, 29 January 2011

Growing old

I am growing old. I try to deny this fact everyday but the clues pointing to the obvious are there. My frowns lines are getting deeper by the day. I am starting to nag, and i find myself repeating instructions to my nurses and patients more than 2 times for fear that they might not have heard it clearly.And the latest clincher just brought me to reality. The molar adjacent to my extracted right wisdom tooth is starting to feel shaky.

Either the dentist who extracted my tooth did a really good job at damaging the adjacent tooth, or, the awkwardly growing wisdom tooth had damaged the nerve roots of its neighboring tooth as it grew.I think it's more of the latter but i still blame the said dentist for postponing my tooth extraction. Plus he promised to extract my other wisdom tooth but left before he could fulfil his promise.So one year later my left wisdom tooth is still in place probably damaging the neighboring tooth as we speak.


Things are starting to break down and it's gonna be hard to fix it.

The earlier you extract your wisdom tooth the better. Take a leaf from me.

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