Saturday, 22 January 2011

JJ Lin's girlfriend

I've always wondered about the personal lives of celebrities. But then again i don't want to have paparazzo tailing them and messing with their lives. Thus it is with totally unintentional intentions that i stumbled upon this video clip of JJ Lin's alleged We Bo (Chinese version of Twitter) fight back of a fan who dissed his alleged new girlfriend.

This rather weak headline based on JJ's Wei Bo tweet highlighted how every part of a celebrity's life is exploited to pad the evening news.

Just because he defends the girl (with just a few simple words) when his fan dissed the girl and her mother (double blow) for being ugly, it becomes fodder for news?

That's just sad.

Which led me to another video of them caught shopping together.

You mean celebs can't even go shopping with their female friends? Romantically involved or otherwise?

I love how he just gave a 'duh' blank expression to the overly nosy and thoroughly irritating reporter!Yet he had to be polite and not just whip out the finger.

It's just so great how western artists can be so open about their love lives heterogenous or otherwise, yet eastern artists are constantly in fear of losing their fan base once their love lives come out in the public.

Come on fans! Grow up!


m3niibab3 said...

Just because they're celebrity so they're the spotlight and also, yes, reporters need them to produce hot news =[ Poor JJ

saltvinegar said...

Yeah .. it's sad tht i they dun have a proper love life..

DarKScoRpioN said...

JJ Lin said he has split up with Lilian Chen. Read More about it here.


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