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Japanese Magazine reviews

 Okay i have to admit, this post is a bit late. I was busy with studying then going to Kelantan for an exam.Now that i am back, i could not bear to delete this post which i started. I guess it should still be helpful since stock in Kinokinuya sell out pretty s-l-o-w-l-y in KL. So here is a review of sorts based on my online research.

Here are some of the Japanese magazine and freebies in store in KLCC Kinikinuya at the moment ( erm.. now it should be 2 weeks ago) .. It's a bit overwhelming to see so many wonderfully beautiful covers and exceptionally beautiful pictures of the freebies. But of course the pictures can be deceiving.

Here's a quick guide of sorts on the freebies.(My two cents worth anyway.)

With February 2011 issue comes with a jewelry case. Well this is a novel product which we hardly find in departmental stores. It keeps rings, and necklaces and bracelets.It's also a nice pastel pink.

But.. it looks a bit cheap and seems that the cover dirties easily too. And do you really want to spend RM 40 on a portable jewelry case when you can just buy a jewelry box?

Verdict: Don't buy.

Spring February 2011 comes with a Cher two way tote. Cher is apparently pretty popular in japan and a two way tote is a really nice novel idea. You can fold the bag just above the pink strap for a small petite carry bag or you can unfold it to tote around as a shoulder bag. Nice colour palette of navy blue and pink.

But, would't it be a bit irritating to have the pink strap of the small bag to be flapping or protuding out when the bag is unfolded?

Verdict: Maybe. Can consider.

More comes with a L'occitane cosmetc pouch which measures 9.5 cm x 17cm x 5 cm and a sample of Vineyard Rose Ultra Rich body cream. (All of 8 mls of it)

I can't even begin to describe how wrong it is to buy this magazine if you don't read Japanese.
First of all, the pouch is pretty standard for L'occitane. I have a tote in a simillar pattern which was a gift with purchase of it's products. You'd be better off buying L'occitane products with the money. And the sample is too miniscule to warrant consideration of purchasing this magazine. (But if you do read Japanese and enjoy reading it's great contents please ignore my review as i am basing it solely on the price for the freebie. Gomennasai.)

Verdict: Seriously?

Next up- I was almost going to get this one.

Glow February 2011 comes with a Roberta Di Camerino felt bag measuring 27.5 x 20 x 10 and a shiny drawstring pouch measuring 24.5 x 26.5cm.

The bag is gorgeous with a cute 'R' handle and can easily be matched with an evening gown. No piping for the inner seams though. The drawsting pouch is printed with the signature 'R' and the seams are reinforced with white piping.

The only downside to this is , it is made of felt. Imagine if it collects dust it would be super hard to clean.

Verdict: Buy it if you know how to clean it.

Steady February 2011 comes with a L'est Rose tote bag measuring  29 x 38 x 8cm.

 It looks a lot like  Cath Kidston oil cloth boxy bag. But i doubt ths is oil cloth. It looks like polyester to me. There are no zip or button closure. The insides are not lined. Seams are just a single stitch meaning no piping.The bag has a light pink background with rose patterns.

The good thing is it is rather adorable, reasonably big and waterproof. If you are in Japan you get a 5 way charm if you buy something from the store and bring this tote in.

Another thing to consider is the bottom sags if you put anything reasonably heavy like a magazine.

Verdict: Buy if you have a lot of money. I would skip it though.

Cutie February 2011 comes with a HbG tote bag measuring 20cm x 32.5 x 14cm.

 This is a gorgeous quality HbG tote with a travel thememade out of polyester. You can see a merlion as one of it's prints. There are three pockets on the outside and a button snap closure. The insides are lined with purple material with piping at the seams.It's a miniature version of it's Juliet bags and very gorgeous. Quality is good for a freebie. Stitching is neat but as all gifts with purchase is made in China.

The only downside would be that it's a bit small and may be a bit too cutesy for some.

Verdict: Buy it, if you're petite and cute.

Hope this helps.

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