Monday, 30 April 2007

Fashion and childhood~

I’m not one that follows fashions or the latest fads for the simple reason that I don’t have tht much money to blow and not everything works for my less than ample body shape. However I am aware of fashion trends and I was ecstatic to find out tht Kate Moss, THE style icon is collaborating with Topshop to produce a new range which is already made available in Britain and some other parts of the world~ Coolness~

Go on over to for more if ur interested.

I love Kate Moss for her great sense of style and the fact tht it is more likely tht what works for her can work for me too. Woot woot~ On my wish list right now is a pair of the-oh-so-hip skinny jeans and oversized shirts/tops. A pair of skinny jeans and a long voluminous top paired with high heels would look pretty good together.

Cool yeah? I found the exact same photo featured on 8 days too.

Vests and high waisted jeans are apparently making a comeback, but I’ll wait and see if it catches on~

The vests are looking much prettier than when it was cool in the 90’s though.

I still have a checkered vest I bought waaaay back when I was in form one and I still cringe every time I see it. Apparently almost every label and brand are coming up with high waisted jeans and some models have already been spotted wearing them, but I sincerely have great doubts about this upcoming fad. I mean doesn’t everyone remember those cringe worthy 80’s /90’s jeans that made even the skinniest of butts look oversized? I am still recovering from the embarrassment of high waisted jeans that’s for sure.

In fact I seem to have many things I cringe of back in my childhood /teenage days~ fashion related, pimple related, relationship related. You name it. But I guess all these things just make a person stronger and thankful for the simple pleasures of an ordinary stress-free life like the one I am enjoying right now. Until I get my posting that is… Groan~

To think of it, I was one weird little kid.

  1. I thought that if someone goes into a shop and is out of sight even for a few minutes, evil people take over their bodies and pretend to be them. So what do I do? I question them on past events until I’m sure that he/she is not some imposter.
  2. A swimming pool was one big toilet.
  3. I sold stick on ear-rings with my friends from the ‘A’ grade table (those who finish their work faster than others) in primary 3. We started a business and sold each ear-ring for 20 sen. We did roaring business but I dun recall getting any of the profits though.
  4. When I was mad at my friend I took her test paper and tore it into pieces. (It was already marked so its okie right?)The weird thing is I made sure I kept some of the bigger pieces so I can shred it some more when she makes me mad again.
  5. I imagined that the badminton player that I liked would win as long as I did certain actions and repeated certain words or phrases until the game ended. And weirdly enough it always seemed to work whenever I did it. (Alan Budi Kasuma and Ardy Wiranata were some of the players who benefited from this.)
  6. Started looking at boys in kindergarten during recess…
  7. I was 3 when I entered kindergarten….
  8. And I had a partner in crime just a year older.( I blame it partly on the ang moh kids who had ‘husbands’ already at the time)
  9. My cousins and I spied on a neighbour and his Philipino maid for 5 days and we called ourselves the Fantastic Four.
  10. I dressed my brother up in a dress with make up and made him parade in front of our maid.
Yup~ i was one weird little kid

It's sad

~It's sad when families are torn apart over property disputes~

Saturday, 28 April 2007

SETA gathering!

Woot woot~ the last SETA gathering was ~ i dunno when~ last year? Anyway it has been too long. So it was great to meet up today with long lost secondary school friends~ WY,WP,CL and MF. Through the gossiping sessions i found out tht 80% of those who are still in JB are working in Singapore and about half have already obtained PR status. Some of them are more or less inclined to become a PR as thts the only way they will get their CPF (something like EPF). Talk about brain drain~ with the 2.27 conversion rate it is definitely worth working in Singapore as it is just a causeway away. While some have become accustomed to the traveling, some find it too tiresome and have found places to stay. At S$1500 to rent a flat,the cost of living is definitely high. Yet all in all its worth it~ lots of job opportunities, high pay, safe and clean environment~~yada yada and the list goes on. I dun want to sound unpatriotic but we can certainly take a leaf out of Singapore's book if we want to advance further as a nation. The only grouse that most of my friends have though is how snobbish Singaporeans can be especially towards Malaysian. Oh well u can't win it all.

So we ate lunch at Tang's Tea House (which serves food other than tea as well) in City Square.

WP and WY caught unawares~

Photo opportunity with WP~ who is getting married at the end of the year~ so get ready for tht you guys~

Lots of laughter as we pose like we did in sec school. We can't help it~Johor ppl love 'cute'

MF,WY,WP and CL - Great reunion u guys~

Cos MF had just returned the day before from a trip to Guangzhou she brought along momentos for everyone who came~ goody goody~ Ain't it sweet?

Cutie pursie

All together now~ the only group photo that came out all right ( not blurry and without me blinking)

Hai~ so gossip for the day is ~ Yang Ching just got married
~ Ee Yean and Wooi Lan are married with children EY(1) WL (2)
~ WP getting married December
~ lots more tht will remain unpublished


Friday, 27 April 2007


I just rediscovered what great cousins i have over on the maternal side of the family~

Here are photographic proof of tht~

Pretty girls all in a row!! And Ah Ma was one gorgeous girl in her days~

All the cousins tht made it back for the funeral ( we're all wearing red cos it signifies us coming out of mourning on the last day of the funeral)

The whole family( Lims,Hos,Pangs,Kans Yoons and... err not too sure)

The boys~

Bukit Mertajam ( bird's eye view)

Hopefully it won't take another funeral for all of us to meet up again~

Nothing much to blog about so just random pics on display today.

Kiddie gambling den~

And one adult~ :o

Things that annoy me

1. When technology fails me

My hiatus (tho short) from the Internet was due to lightning problems. The problem was that it struck my modem~ grrrr . i dun think it is possible to fix such things.. or am i mistaken? So hobbled on to City Square to get a new ADSL modem at RM 105. Dun even noe if its reasonable ..just bought it. So, happy with the prospect of a new and working modem, decided to try my hand at those photo printing booths where u load ur own pics, add some design and print it out for only 2 bucks per picture. I've tried it b4 printing out pics from JH's phone via bluetooth with no hitch. So i tot using my mom's memory card shld be no prob. Doing doing doing big mistake~ Not only did the stupid @#%$$# machine KO’ed the memory card, we din get the photos printed. And i only knew about it after i left the place. So now I’m shopping around for a replacement memory card for the camera. Luckily it’s not too ex…but I just feel so sway when it comes to technology.

2. When people ask for a free consultation and not appreciate it

A hypochondriac friend of my mom called bright and early, as she had queried bout her haematology result. So i called back ( cos obviously i dun wake up very early) and assured her tht an ESR of 40 (normal range 0-20) was okie. Probably some infection or something. And since she was bout 50, it is normal for her to have an ESR of bout 30 <(50+10)/2> Mind u there rest of her values were normal. She then proceeded to ask bout her other values which differed only like 1 from the reference range.. I just reassured her tht everything was okie.. But being obviously still very worried bout her ESR she said

Mdm A: I did some research online and found out tht it may be associated with early cancer or rheumatoid arthritis.

Me: Oh, if u have rheumatoid u would have joint pain. Anyway ESR is not specifically used to predict RA or cancers so don’t worry too much. It might have been an infection. Did u have fever lately?

Mdm A: (ignoring my question) So u think it's okie? U dun think it might be a sign of early cancer?

Me: No i dont think so at all.

Mdm A: So I still have to ask a doctor la.

Me: (dumfounded ~~ which part of No does she not understand?) Well if you're still worried then you should go and consult ur doctor.

Mdm A: But you're a doctor!

Me: (Wasn't she the one who wanted a second opinion? I then just answered whatever came to my mind) Yeah but I haven't started work yet. I still feel there is no cause for concern there.

Mdm A: Okie thanks a lot yeah. Is ur mummy at home?

Doing~ why are some people so paranoid?

3. When I lose my 8 Days magazine…

… in my own house…. and I have to buy a new one

4. That I look too young

5. That I can’t find enough stuff to be annoyed about to be entered in my ‘Things that annoy me list’

Maybe i'm not tht annoyed after all~

Here are some random pics

The lovely Noreen and Ren En

Suspension bridge at the cable car place

The view of the bridge from above (courtesy of my Aussie cousins cos someone still has not sent me all the pics.. geram.. add tht to my 'annoy' list)

More views of the fantabulous bridge

Friday, 20 April 2007


As opposed to what i wrote in the last post.. i realized i HAD actually attended 4 weddings instead of 3..

Shukrizah's (my SETA friend) being the one tht slipped my increasingly forgetful mind. Sigh, so yeah..4 weddings and a funeral~here are some random pics of 2 of the weddings i attended

The Beautiful Dais

Marliana, Erma, me and Wan

Maria and the lucky guy.. Sorry for the candid photos cos Shang Fern is still holding on to the lovely pics we took with Maria..

Maria's opulent dais~ i love dais'

The IMU gang at the wedding

Got off my skinny a** and went with my mom to go do the compulsory medical check up before i start work... The sole reason i went was cos i felt a bit kiasu since Jinsterz MM and Chang Haur and Cecilia (C&C) had already gone to do theirs in Klang. And also the fact tht Mr.Jin Jin found out tht the letter for our posting would probably reach us like 30 days after the date of the SPA letter. So me and my Mom (hehe so nice of her to teman me) went to HSAJB bright and early in the morning (7.30am i usually wake up 3 hrs later). Ho hum.. problem is i'm not supposed to go there!

Argh.. medical check ups are done in the Klinik Kesihatan JB which is just behind the main hospital *sweat* so got my dad to come again from home to fetch us there. Hehe~

All in all took me 2 hours to get my x-ray, Urine for morphine and urine FEME ,eye check, weight and height sorted out. Quite an organized place really with friendly staff. Hehe everything proceeded pretty smoothly except the part where i had to wait really long for the nurse to be free to follow me to the toilet for the urine for morphine sampling. Ha ha to make sure i dun get someone else's to use as my own.So the next appointment would be next month to review the results as well as to have the formal medical check up.

Since it was only like 9.50am when we left the clinic we took the opportunity to do a spot of shopping~Muahaha wont bore u with the details. In summary bought a soft toy tht records voices for my nieces first year birthday bash and a formal shirt for my Dad's bday.

Still waiting for the Langkawi pics so i can photo blog it.Hint hint hint.. ;)

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

3 weddings and a funeral

What a week~ had a lovely 4 day 3 night stay in Langkawi in Awana Porto Malai but on the eve of the day we were supposed to go home i received news tht my maternal grandpa had passed on tht very night due to~~ the exact words were "water in the lungs". I was shocked but not entirely depressed. I have not seen my grandpa for the last 5 years and my initial reaction was mainly clulessness (if there is such a word). I'm in Langkawi the funeral is in Bukit Mertajam, Penang and my family were in JB and Malacca. Thank God we din extend our stay to 5days and 4 nights.To tell u the truth i was a bit disappointed tht i would be missing the Asian Badminton Championships in JB, a reaction tht i now deeply regret. The loss of a life was definitely higher on the list of things to be worried about.

The funny thing is i had attended 3 weddings, Jamuna's, Maria's and Noreen's.If i had been able to attend Sen Lin's it would be 4 weddings and a funeral.. But i digress.. The funeral was actually not such a somber occasion perhaps due to the fact tht my grandpa passed away at the ripe old age of 85. I was grateful however to meet up with cousins i have not seen for 5 yrs and getting reacquainted with everyone. everyone looked gorgeous! perhaps this was the grandpa's last gift to us.The gift of togetherness.

Will blog more on the Langkawi trip and funeral soon.Just need to sort out my thoughts...

Time to say goodbye~

Maiden Post (April 8th 2007)

I cant believe i am starting a blog~ Not only do i have no experience.. i have nothing much to blog about today. Boredom definitely makes ppl do strange things. Yet i love to read friends' blogs Chiam's and Lava's being the most informative and regularly updated. So just giving it a whirl to occupy my time. Great~~ Going to fly to Langkawi in 10 hours time with jinsterz and feeling pretty cool bout it in fact. Yup hope it will be a good 4day and 3 nights.. haha hopefully Jinsterz doesnt get too drunk wat with his newfound info tht alcohol is cheaper than water over there and thus prob deducing tht it would be more economically sound to drink alcohol.I'll be ready to snap his easy-to-turn-red-with-alcohol face ..muahaha!

Had a great time at Noreen's BJ wedding and still in awe at how bee-yoo-ti-ful Noreen is with make-up and hair done. I mean she is normally already a pretty girl , but with the works..whoa~ damn pretty..i guess some guys must be slapping themselves now.. haha too late she is Mrs Lim Ren En (actually bumped into him 3 times in midvalley a day b4 the wedding with a heavily pregnant woman!haha who was prob his sister or something.. ) now.. Congrats and may she have a wonderful life ahead of her.

Thnks for being my badminton partner for 2 and a half years Noreen!

Lots of love,



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