Saturday, 28 April 2007

SETA gathering!

Woot woot~ the last SETA gathering was ~ i dunno when~ last year? Anyway it has been too long. So it was great to meet up today with long lost secondary school friends~ WY,WP,CL and MF. Through the gossiping sessions i found out tht 80% of those who are still in JB are working in Singapore and about half have already obtained PR status. Some of them are more or less inclined to become a PR as thts the only way they will get their CPF (something like EPF). Talk about brain drain~ with the 2.27 conversion rate it is definitely worth working in Singapore as it is just a causeway away. While some have become accustomed to the traveling, some find it too tiresome and have found places to stay. At S$1500 to rent a flat,the cost of living is definitely high. Yet all in all its worth it~ lots of job opportunities, high pay, safe and clean environment~~yada yada and the list goes on. I dun want to sound unpatriotic but we can certainly take a leaf out of Singapore's book if we want to advance further as a nation. The only grouse that most of my friends have though is how snobbish Singaporeans can be especially towards Malaysian. Oh well u can't win it all.

So we ate lunch at Tang's Tea House (which serves food other than tea as well) in City Square.

WP and WY caught unawares~

Photo opportunity with WP~ who is getting married at the end of the year~ so get ready for tht you guys~

Lots of laughter as we pose like we did in sec school. We can't help it~Johor ppl love 'cute'

MF,WY,WP and CL - Great reunion u guys~

Cos MF had just returned the day before from a trip to Guangzhou she brought along momentos for everyone who came~ goody goody~ Ain't it sweet?

Cutie pursie

All together now~ the only group photo that came out all right ( not blurry and without me blinking)

Hai~ so gossip for the day is ~ Yang Ching just got married
~ Ee Yean and Wooi Lan are married with children EY(1) WL (2)
~ WP getting married December
~ lots more tht will remain unpublished


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