Friday, 20 April 2007


As opposed to what i wrote in the last post.. i realized i HAD actually attended 4 weddings instead of 3..

Shukrizah's (my SETA friend) being the one tht slipped my increasingly forgetful mind. Sigh, so yeah..4 weddings and a funeral~here are some random pics of 2 of the weddings i attended

The Beautiful Dais

Marliana, Erma, me and Wan

Maria and the lucky guy.. Sorry for the candid photos cos Shang Fern is still holding on to the lovely pics we took with Maria..

Maria's opulent dais~ i love dais'

The IMU gang at the wedding

Got off my skinny a** and went with my mom to go do the compulsory medical check up before i start work... The sole reason i went was cos i felt a bit kiasu since Jinsterz MM and Chang Haur and Cecilia (C&C) had already gone to do theirs in Klang. And also the fact tht Mr.Jin Jin found out tht the letter for our posting would probably reach us like 30 days after the date of the SPA letter. So me and my Mom (hehe so nice of her to teman me) went to HSAJB bright and early in the morning (7.30am i usually wake up 3 hrs later). Ho hum.. problem is i'm not supposed to go there!

Argh.. medical check ups are done in the Klinik Kesihatan JB which is just behind the main hospital *sweat* so got my dad to come again from home to fetch us there. Hehe~

All in all took me 2 hours to get my x-ray, Urine for morphine and urine FEME ,eye check, weight and height sorted out. Quite an organized place really with friendly staff. Hehe everything proceeded pretty smoothly except the part where i had to wait really long for the nurse to be free to follow me to the toilet for the urine for morphine sampling. Ha ha to make sure i dun get someone else's to use as my own.So the next appointment would be next month to review the results as well as to have the formal medical check up.

Since it was only like 9.50am when we left the clinic we took the opportunity to do a spot of shopping~Muahaha wont bore u with the details. In summary bought a soft toy tht records voices for my nieces first year birthday bash and a formal shirt for my Dad's bday.

Still waiting for the Langkawi pics so i can photo blog it.Hint hint hint.. ;)


Jinsterz said...

Hint wat hint

saltvinegar said...

u noe wat i mean~~

sckhsmc2007 said...

Dei... time to add some blogrolls and link me! =P Muahahaha... nice pix and nice blog entry but can make it bigger ar the picture? =P

sckhsmc2007 said...

The first two comments above rhymes... =P

saltvinegar said...

Hehe..i'm still a newbie at this thing so still finding my way around!Will take lots of time for me to reach grandmaster chiam's standards!How much bigger should the pics be?

And what the hey~ ur right! Hint wat hint, u noe wat i mean~

sckhsmc2007 said...

Aler... I where got grandmaster? Lavanya is the grandmaster, da fellow started blogging first mar... ahahaha... i'm jz half-baked... =P

With this new blogspot, modifying ur template and playing with its options can be quite easy... just add a new element and choose from the many things that you want - put up a favorite link element to insert all ur fren's blogs to publicize ur blog n to allow easier trackbacks from visitors =P

Ha as for the pictures - when u are loading, there are three basic sizes that you can choose from in the bottom right corner - jz play ard with it lor =P Hehe...

sckhsmc2007 said...

Why got salt and vinegar? Telling jinsterz something izzit? Ahahaha... Jin Hui, ur gf eating vinegar wor... what hv u been doing? =P Hehe...

saltvinegar said...

Wat? No no no.. this has nothing to do with JH~~ doing doing doing.. Lay's potato chips~ Lay's potato chips!

I wish i had seen ur comment b4 i posted the latest post.. cos the pics turned out small again. No matter will try try again Chiam the blogspot grandmaster.Lava is the friendster blog grandmisstress.

sckhsmc2007 said...

Wahkao... grandmaster and grandmistress... pls don associate lidat leh... u know what i mean... ahahaha... if not i come to JB and haunt u ahahaha =P


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