Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Maiden Post (April 8th 2007)

I cant believe i am starting a blog~ Not only do i have no experience.. i have nothing much to blog about today. Boredom definitely makes ppl do strange things. Yet i love to read friends' blogs Chiam's and Lava's being the most informative and regularly updated. So just giving it a whirl to occupy my time. Great~~ Going to fly to Langkawi in 10 hours time with jinsterz and feeling pretty cool bout it in fact. Yup hope it will be a good 4day and 3 nights.. haha hopefully Jinsterz doesnt get too drunk wat with his newfound info tht alcohol is cheaper than water over there and thus prob deducing tht it would be more economically sound to drink alcohol.I'll be ready to snap his easy-to-turn-red-with-alcohol face ..muahaha!

Had a great time at Noreen's BJ wedding and still in awe at how bee-yoo-ti-ful Noreen is with make-up and hair done. I mean she is normally already a pretty girl , but with the works..whoa~ damn pretty..i guess some guys must be slapping themselves now.. haha too late she is Mrs Lim Ren En (actually bumped into him 3 times in midvalley a day b4 the wedding with a heavily pregnant woman!haha who was prob his sister or something.. ) now.. Congrats and may she have a wonderful life ahead of her.

Thnks for being my badminton partner for 2 and a half years Noreen!

Lots of love,


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