Monday, 30 April 2007

Fashion and childhood~

I’m not one that follows fashions or the latest fads for the simple reason that I don’t have tht much money to blow and not everything works for my less than ample body shape. However I am aware of fashion trends and I was ecstatic to find out tht Kate Moss, THE style icon is collaborating with Topshop to produce a new range which is already made available in Britain and some other parts of the world~ Coolness~

Go on over to for more if ur interested.

I love Kate Moss for her great sense of style and the fact tht it is more likely tht what works for her can work for me too. Woot woot~ On my wish list right now is a pair of the-oh-so-hip skinny jeans and oversized shirts/tops. A pair of skinny jeans and a long voluminous top paired with high heels would look pretty good together.

Cool yeah? I found the exact same photo featured on 8 days too.

Vests and high waisted jeans are apparently making a comeback, but I’ll wait and see if it catches on~

The vests are looking much prettier than when it was cool in the 90’s though.

I still have a checkered vest I bought waaaay back when I was in form one and I still cringe every time I see it. Apparently almost every label and brand are coming up with high waisted jeans and some models have already been spotted wearing them, but I sincerely have great doubts about this upcoming fad. I mean doesn’t everyone remember those cringe worthy 80’s /90’s jeans that made even the skinniest of butts look oversized? I am still recovering from the embarrassment of high waisted jeans that’s for sure.

In fact I seem to have many things I cringe of back in my childhood /teenage days~ fashion related, pimple related, relationship related. You name it. But I guess all these things just make a person stronger and thankful for the simple pleasures of an ordinary stress-free life like the one I am enjoying right now. Until I get my posting that is… Groan~

To think of it, I was one weird little kid.

  1. I thought that if someone goes into a shop and is out of sight even for a few minutes, evil people take over their bodies and pretend to be them. So what do I do? I question them on past events until I’m sure that he/she is not some imposter.
  2. A swimming pool was one big toilet.
  3. I sold stick on ear-rings with my friends from the ‘A’ grade table (those who finish their work faster than others) in primary 3. We started a business and sold each ear-ring for 20 sen. We did roaring business but I dun recall getting any of the profits though.
  4. When I was mad at my friend I took her test paper and tore it into pieces. (It was already marked so its okie right?)The weird thing is I made sure I kept some of the bigger pieces so I can shred it some more when she makes me mad again.
  5. I imagined that the badminton player that I liked would win as long as I did certain actions and repeated certain words or phrases until the game ended. And weirdly enough it always seemed to work whenever I did it. (Alan Budi Kasuma and Ardy Wiranata were some of the players who benefited from this.)
  6. Started looking at boys in kindergarten during recess…
  7. I was 3 when I entered kindergarten….
  8. And I had a partner in crime just a year older.( I blame it partly on the ang moh kids who had ‘husbands’ already at the time)
  9. My cousins and I spied on a neighbour and his Philipino maid for 5 days and we called ourselves the Fantastic Four.
  10. I dressed my brother up in a dress with make up and made him parade in front of our maid.
Yup~ i was one weird little kid


Jinsterz said...


come up

sckhsmc2007 said...

Ahahahahahahahahahaha..... bo wei kong!

saltvinegar said...

Hmph~ dun tell me both of u have never done anything remotely weird as a kid~~

sckhsmc2007 said...

Errr... nope! Hahahahahahahahahahaha....

Jinsterz said...

got la

chiam's lying

sckhsmc2007 said...

Hehehehehehehehehehe.... it's a gud lie :P

saltvinegar said...

maybe thts why chiam's doing weird things as an adult :P

sckhsmc2007 said...

celaka lar u!! ahahahahaha... lidis also u tell =P hehehe...

shar-sharz said...

nice pictures of outfits.
booked you for shopping in kl.
hopefully during december holidays.

and yeah..
it's nice being a kid.
i remembered noticing the opposite
sex since i was in kindy too.lolx.



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