Saturday, 25 August 2012

Paul and Joe freebie with Elle HK June issue

I haven't bought magazines for it's freebies in ages but i felt like this one was just calling me. It came out in Kinokuniya probably ages ago but recently popped up in stand alone bookstores. I saw it in one of those individual magazine stores while i was with my husband one day. My husband probably would not approve so i refrained from buying.

While out with my mom 2 days later, i saw it again at Popular bookstore and finally caved in.

What do you think of this RM15 buy?

Paul and Joe manicure set freebie.

I was surprised it actually came with the tools inside. I was expecting just the case. The interior is nicely lined by a felt-like material.

The pretty floral cover made of cheap PVC. The zipper functions well though.

Pretty fair buy i would say. Now if only i could read Chinese or actually know how to utilize this manicure set. Nice pouch though.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Vivi with English translations

Hey, i'm back again to share some snippets of the latest August edition of the English version of Vivi.

Someone called Rola on the cover.

In trend: Peplum playsuits and banana bags!

Pastel jeggings, still very in trend. Problem is if you don't have slim legs, it's better to avoid this.

Gorgeous or what? Celine mini bag in banana yellow.

Something that actually needs translating: how to pick a miniskirt. After reading it though i conclude you need skinny legs. (ps if you can't read the small font, click on the picture to enlarge).

Japan's definition of affordable. If it were a Malaysian mag the answer would be pasar malam.

This actually does help.. skorts and folded shorts here i come.

Really? Boyish tanks make arms slimmer?? Hmm..

More tips and beauty trends coming soon. I gotta go watch Speed vs Arashi on channel U now!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Anna Sui , Coach freebie with Sweet Magazine

I thought it was a good enough freebie that Sweet September issue was giving out an Anna Sui multi-case. Already out in stores now in Japan.

Sweet magazine topped it, for the October issue with a Coach multicase! Should be out end August in Japan.

Looks pretty good but i think a bit of meaurement is needed to determine if your local currency fits into the case.

The rest of the freebies pale in comparison hence juts look at the pictures ok? Too lazy to do any captioning.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Olympic match :Did you see what i saw?

The Olympics in London are coming to an end, the dust has settled after the nail-biting badminton match of the year, but if you like me watched the live telecast of the match that day, and if you were eagle-eyed like me *perasanmax*, you would have noticed an irregularity.

An irregularity in the crowds.

If you caught the 5 seconds pan-out to the audience, you would have seen this.

Xie XinFang, Lin Dan's wife wearing the Chinese team uniform. The irregularity was not the fact that  she was the only one wearing the China badminton squad team uniform in the crowd (syoksendiri like Lin Dan: memang sepadan). The irregularity was the fact that sitting next to her is a familiar face, in the form of Hong Kong/Welsh singer,actress, Karen Mok in shocking pink!

The next time the camera panned Xie Xin Fang's direction, Karen Mok had undoubtedly made her way away from the focus of the camera's attention (Xi Xin Fang) and changed seats. She appeared to have come to accompany Xie Xin Fang.

The lady who was sitting one seat away to the right of Xie Xin Fang in the first picture, then took over Karen Mok's seat for the rest of the match.

My question is? When did Karen Mok and Xie Xin Fang become BFF's?

Even more preplexing.What was Eason Chan doing at the match. But most of all why did he cry when Lin Dan won? Or perhaps he was crying for Lee Chong Wei?

Erm.. i think his tears were for Lin Dan la.

Next question: Ok i get it that the camera kept panning Xie Xin Fang because she's the wife of Lin Dan and former Olympic Silver medalist (the commentators don't even know who Karen Mok is), but why U No Pan Wong Mew Chew?

I found a pic of them (courtesy of candyleow83's weibo), seated behind Lee Yong Dae fans.

These two are getting married too! London Olympic cameraman please do your background research! (Loving the Chanel bag btw).

PS: On a separate note,congratulations  to Pandelela (totally loving the name) for being the first Malaysian female, first Bidayuh, and all time first athlete to win an Olympic medal outside the sport of Badminton (if you are from China or USA stop sniggering).

All pictures from google images.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Lee Chong Wei Olympic 2012 - We are proud!

The expectations were amazingly high for a guy who apparently just tore his tendon 2 months ago and lost tamely to his arch nemesis Lin Dan ( loosely translated to English as Zero Egg ) in Beijing 4 years ago. It did not help that the ice cream chain, and nasi kandar shop added to the mounting pressure - promising FREE ice cream to Malaysians if a gold medal was won. Publicity for them obviously (I already have a few friends who expressed their desire for Baskin Robbins to ease the heartbreak), but did anyone think of the man??

Getting to the finals was already a feat.

The way he played today was the best he has ever played - we couldn't have asked for a more exciting game.

Despite that, luck was on Zero Egg's side, and as usual Zero Egg just had to take off his shirt, run around the stadium, hug his coaches - forgetting the simple rule of sportsmanship - graciousness. 

Though Zero Egg won the Gold medal, Lee Chong Wei won many hearts today with his tenacity, and never-say-die attitude.

When he was sat on the court his head slumped on his racket, a million hearts broke. 

No need to cry, you already made history TWICE!

Lin Dan can please don't syoksendiri when people are crying can or not?

This is all over twitter: ESPN commentator: "LCW is such a great guy, but Lin Dan is a bit arrogant. Skills win you medals, but attitude wins hearts."

Some damn smart fella also summed it up nicely.

This is his interview with the Chinese press after the match.

(Brief translation : He had an injury only about 2 months ago. He did not expect much for himself this Olympic games. He only had 2 weeks to properly train, utilizing painkillers to numb the pain. Getting to the final was out of his expectations. He gave it his all, he had played at 3 Olympics and winning the Silver twice , perhaps it was his fate. All this said while the Chinese commentator was repeatedly saying, "But a lot of people really LIKE you!")

This was his tweet:

No no.. don't say sorry.. THANK YOU for our only medal in the 2012 Olympics!

We respect you much much more than Lin Dan no matter how many medals he wins.

Taking a leaf from your hard work and determination!

(Echoing LauraLeia's sentiments.)

Did you see a celebrity at the match? I did! Read here.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Olympic mania- Marcel Nguyen

My lack of time for anything but the Olympic games, means I have no new pictures to show and really nothing very much to share except for.. the Olympics. Having the Olympic games in London also mean odd hours for live matches and a very sleepy me the next morning. I've been watching rather religiously, a sport that i only watch during major sporting tournaments like the Olympics- Gymnastics!

Yeah yeah not exactly a 'sport' to many, but i am simply enamored by the sport. I really don't remember when i started watching it, but i do remember being thoroughly impressed by one Russian gymnast called Svetlana Khorkina. Google her at your own risk though, because with fame and fortune came a few nude photo spreads.

Anyway, i digress. I usually start watching with no clear favourite and end up rooting for gymnasts i don't know anything about prior.

The stand out star this time being, half German half Vietnamese, Marcel Nguyen.

I mean he looks like this!

But of course you have to see him in action- he's awesome on the parallel bars and pretty good too on the floor rotation.

I was watching the usual gymnastic live telecast where he won silver in the men's individual all-rounds competition.

He even has his own Kitty DearDaniel.

All picture credits to his Facebook page here.

Am looking forward to catching the individual artistic gymnastic finals as well as the start of the rhythmic gymnastic competitions even though i am in no way ever going to be able to even do a split.#couchpotatogymnast

But of course, i'll also be rooting for the Malaysian team in the badminton games with or without public holiday/ free ice cream.

That's all for my entirely frivolous and superficial fluff post.

Here's to many more sleep deprived nights.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Women's doubles badminton: Olympic disqualification

You might have heard the news. Eight women badminton players were disqualified for purposely 'throwing away' their matches. If not read this first.

 Who is to blame for this ugly predicament? Definitely the organizers! First of all these stupid organizers for no good reason decided to give 'underdog' players a better fighting chance by implementing round robin group stage preliminary rounds instead of using the usual  'sudden-death' format. What happens is the players are forced into groups where the top two groups advance into the quarter-finals. On paper, the claim was that the players will get a best of a few games representation. In reality it is a recipe for disaster.

Do the organizers not want every player to play every game as if it were their last? Implementing the group stage format means, players who have qualified have the luxury to throw away their last matches, the main reason being to avoid competitors that are higher ranked.

Have the organizers never heard of 'kiasu-ism'?

Seriously the players job is just to win.

They can do anything they want to win.

Even throwing away games.

Saying things like 'violating the spirit of the games'- i can only say that the organizers are too naive.

Perhaps also the rewards for garnering a medal is too big not to employ a strategy. A strategy that might end up causing 4 doubles team to lose without even meaning to.

Olympic badminton organizing committee. Please use some brains next time?


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