Monday, 31 October 2011

Free Coach calender and book cover with With magazine

The January issue of With Japanese magazine comes with  a Coach calender and book cover.The magazine comes out November 28th in Japan. Here's a peek at the freebie.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Free iPhone application (Jetpack)

If you're the few people who don't jailbreak their phones/iPads, but would love to get a free yet non-crappy game once in a while then you're in luck.

For a limited time, if you 'Like' Jetpack Joyride on the app store page on facebook, you get to redeem the game for free until all codes are fully redeemed.

I've redeemed mine , and the graphics are cute!

Here's the link.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Mooks galore

Once again more mooks coming Kinokuniya KLCC's way.

All cute but not something i would buy for now.

On a separate note, I'm sure you know Naruko products are in Watson's Malaysia now and i've bougth a few! So far loving them.

In care you don't know Naruko is a brand formulated by Niu-Er famed make-up guru in Taiwan. Apparently he's a doctor too. The fact that the products are without parabens and very affordable got me interested. Also the packaging is interesting with really blah outer design and lovely colourful interior that is designed to be reusable with simple DIY instructions showing you how.

Oh, crap, i need pictures to do this.

 Will do a review soon once i have less studying to do. Oh, i've accumulated loads of cute pictures of cute purchases with no time to blog about them!

In the meantime here's Naruko's main Malaysian website.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Cheap Ice cream ear phones

Happy Deepavali folks! While i anticipate a 5 day holiday of family, wedding and study (stupid exam just has to be scheduled right after the wedding), i'm chilling at home, and basically wasting half a day of holiday doing nothing. Therefore i figured i'd better do some blogging.

Somehow i managed to lose my ear phones. Or someone stole it, i have no clue. Thankfully though the ones lost were not my original iPhone ear phones but a cheap but much cuter and equally functional RM10 one. I figured it would be great to have some spares and i bought two at Minitoons Sunway Pyramid. These were cute and even cheaper than the one i bought at KL Sentral.

Seriously, cheap things are cute!

The blue chocolate candy look-a like ear phones cost RM10 and comes with a wire organizer.

I only intended to buy one, but the ice cream ear phones were cuter, with pink wires and it only costs RM8!

And therefore I am very happy. The ice cream ear phones work great so far in case you're wondering and it matches my phone casing too.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Daiso eyelid tape and much more.

I have not done this in ages, but the buys this time warrants a post i feel, cos i'm super happy with it.

As usual i try to keep my buys less than 8, so i only bought 6 items bringing the bill to RM30. Right at the back is a twin pack of facial cotton that amounts to 180 pieces. I've vecome quite addicted to Daiso facial cottons since they are generally not the type that are overly fluffy and stick to the skin. I've tried other types in Daiso before, and i feel this should be the same ,albeit with a nice box packaging .

In front of it, is a stip of 10 sets of eyelid tape and eye lash glue. I've bought the eye lash glue before and found it really good since it dries clear. The reason why i'm buying though is because in my haste i punctured the tube and basically caused all the glue to leak out on the very first time i was using it. I'm going to be extra careful this time round.

The eye lid tape looks really promising. I suppose i should first explain why i need to use tape on my eyelids in the first place. Well, i've got double eyelids, but they're assymetrical.My left eye has a nice eyelid crease while my right eye has a double eyelid which is too deep. As a result one eye looks bigger. I once had a well known to be flirtatious opthalmologist ask if i had ptosis (drooping of the eyelid) when i was a medical student.He then proceeded to bring me to another room alone with him so that he could have a better examination. See how dangerous having assymetrical double eyelids can be? Flirtatious doctors can put you in awkward situations. Adding a tape solves the problem. But honestly i never bothered till recently. I hated that the tape could still be seen if some one looks closely at the lids. I opted using a slim-type of double eyelid tape. However this one is slimmer and is double sided! This should be practically invisible. I have not tried it yet, but as i have said, it sounds promising. It's a bit pricey at RM5 for 10 sets, but it's ok for me since i only have to use it on one side.

In front of the double eyelid tape is another yellow box of double eyelid tape (the type i used to use).

The contraption with 5 yellow round orbs and a blue prong? That's an embosser! Very happy that Daiso is bringing in more craft supplies.You can't see it from the picture, but i'm going to be able to emboss animal shapes.

The green package consists of sachets to put green/chinese tea in so that the tea leaves don't get into your cup. My mom likes it a lot!

Yup Daiso is still my favourite budget shopping place.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Liniere with Liberty Print multi case

I succumbed and got myself yet another multi-case after the abysmal display that was Jill by Jill Stuart multi-case.

It's true about people saying that Liniere gives out good quality multi-cases. The cover does not look like your typical Japanese fashion magazine, cos it's not. It's more of a clean, sustainable simple living/fashion magazine.

What attracted me was the gorgeous Liberty print.

And i'm definitely glad i bought it. The quality is leaps and bounds better than a lot of freebies. No colour transfer of the fabric, no weird folds and abnormal shape. The print is gorgeous and water proof. The stitching pretty neat.

The only drawback is that it's a little cumbersome to use since you'd have to open it all the way to retrieve money. It's main purpose is for travel and putting all essentials including passports in it.

The only tiny defect i see is some puckering at one side, which can't be helped i suppose.

I'm definitely someone who can't stand folds on the spine of the multi-case/wallet, so i'm glad to see a nice clean line on this one.

The back portion was flawless.

I'd say this is a good buy. I saw about 10 copies in Kinokuniya. They might have a second shipment of this i suppose but generally Liniere stock is usually limited.

Non-no however with the Agnes B bag is in abundance! The first shipment sold out, and they have restocked! There were piles and piles of the Non-no with Agnes B bag all over the Japanese section!

No more multi-cases for me i suppose. I have enough to last me ages.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Agnes B Non-No November 2011

After thinking for quite a while i finally decided to get the November issue of Non-No with Agnes B tote. I bought the one last year with stars instead of spots, and i'd say both are equally cute!

This post is late cos the December issue of Non-No is already out!

I like it how the freebie is modeled at the cover, no denying what's the main draw of the magazine!

Coordinated packaging.

The inside is unlined and rather thin, but is coated so it's slightly water resistant .

What i hate though are the creases, since the bag is folded, sigh..

A close up of the material.

The straps are a bit sloppy and needed some trimming.

But all in all a cute bag!

The latest issue (Dec) is out now and comes with with a checkered Heather bag.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Big Bad Wolf 2011- What i bought!

I finally was able to make my way to the book sale of the year. MEAPS Serdang was a huge place but was fairly easy to locate. There were loads of signs once you get to Serdang. The parking lots were ample which also means it may be a distance from the halls, but the trams that come and fetch people to the halls were abundant and at regular frequency. You would initially have to line up to get in, but it takes no longer than 10 minutes to get in.

Now my only grouse is, because it is a warehouse sale, people seem to have no respect for the books! Many of the children books were torn/missing freebies/ missing pages/ missing a portion/ unwrapped. And don't get me started on the books with battery operated sounds/songs at a press of the button.You can imagine what children do to those. Poor books.

Here's what it looked like inside the halls.

Yup, that many book lovers in Malaysia!

Lots of Mr Men and Little Miss books at RM3 each.

Also for RM3-RM5 English translated mangas.

And as you can see loads of books for dummies.

As you can see, one of the headlining books for this book sale, Jamie Oliver's cookbook (there was only one, and not even a new one but enough to get everyone into a frenzy) was running out on the second last day of the sale. Loads of people had a copy.

It gets claustrophobic if you stay there long enough.The lines to the cashier was long but thanks to the efficient cashiers and packers (there are one packers per cashier who helps to carry your heavy load of books to the cashier and pack them into bags-Nice), it did not take as long as expected. Of course the bill was the best thing of all. In all spent RM177 on 18 books, with an average of RM9.80 per book.

This was our box stash as we lined up to get to the cashier.

And this is our collective haul out of the box.

Of course, i had to get the headlining book. I've been watching his cooking shows since Saturday morning 'Naked Chef' on channel 5 when i was in secondary school.

 I bought a few children's books for my friends kids, but i couldn't resist getting something from my childhood for myself. I used to have a flower fairies colouring book. The illustrations are classic!

And here's a page out of one of the books i bought. Retro coffee shop cup and saucers.

All in all very happy with my buys.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Angelababy (杨颖) Eddie Peng (彭于晏) in Love You You (夏日樂悠悠)

*Update: Have watched the movie,and though the start was a but slow and fragmented, it was ably compensated by the eye candy that is Eddie Peng , Angelababy and the island of Lang Tengah. There is a nice twist in the middle and a nice sweet ending. All in all the movie is great for romantics and fans of said eye-candies*

This is a sequel of sorts to the 2000 Hong Kong movie starring Sammi Cheng and Ritchie Ren Summer Holiday. The movie was filmed in Pulau Redang and substantially increased tourism to the island.

This film, called Love You You (i know the English title makes no sense) 11 years later is filmed in Lang Tengah another island off Terengganu, Malaysia with lovely pristine beaches.Lang Tengah island is decidedly less commercialized but just as beautiful.Pulau Redang is now so saturated with tourists and not as pristine as it used to be.

The latest installation stars one of the best looking people in the Chinese entertainment industry at the moment, Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng and Hong Kong based China born model/actress/ plastic surgery rumours plagued Angelababy.

Being Malaysian, i'm pretty chuffed at the prospect of seeing the natural beauty of Malaysia on display in the big screens. I'm ashamed to say though, i has no idea they were shooting the film in Malaysia until now.

Here are some photos and stills from the movie.

Here's the trailer.

And here's the music video of the theme song in case anyone of you is a JJ Lin fan.

You can tell this movie is going to be nothing but fluff and eye-candy with little substance, but i guess once in a while you need to watch movies like that.

Also, in case you're wondering , this is the trailer for the first movie.

My only grouse is, in the first instalment  local acts like ah-Niu and Guang Liang were utilized to the benefit of the movie whereas in this version it seems that the the local actors act only as fillers with roles of villains, sidekicks of villains and overall carelefares.

Would i watch this show? If someone goes with me, yes!

Credits: Here and here.

Cutie December 2011 with HbG tote.

The December issue of Cutie comes with a cute HbG tote! It's been a while since i saw a HbG freebie. The totes are always similar in pattern with the typical shape and tri pockets on the outside.I bought one ages ago in January this year and the basic shape is the same.

However, the one thing different this time is that this freebie comes with a zip which is very rare. The previous ones, even the mook freebies come with button clasps.

Not too keen on the graffiti pattern, but why oh why is my name on the front of the bag!!

Once again, the money in my wallet is in danger of voluntarily flying out! Sigh~

Latest Mooks

Here are some of the latest Japanese mooks, most of them already in stores.

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