Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Daiso eyelid tape and much more.

I have not done this in ages, but the buys this time warrants a post i feel, cos i'm super happy with it.

As usual i try to keep my buys less than 8, so i only bought 6 items bringing the bill to RM30. Right at the back is a twin pack of facial cotton that amounts to 180 pieces. I've vecome quite addicted to Daiso facial cottons since they are generally not the type that are overly fluffy and stick to the skin. I've tried other types in Daiso before, and i feel this should be the same ,albeit with a nice box packaging .

In front of it, is a stip of 10 sets of eyelid tape and eye lash glue. I've bought the eye lash glue before and found it really good since it dries clear. The reason why i'm buying though is because in my haste i punctured the tube and basically caused all the glue to leak out on the very first time i was using it. I'm going to be extra careful this time round.

The eye lid tape looks really promising. I suppose i should first explain why i need to use tape on my eyelids in the first place. Well, i've got double eyelids, but they're assymetrical.My left eye has a nice eyelid crease while my right eye has a double eyelid which is too deep. As a result one eye looks bigger. I once had a well known to be flirtatious opthalmologist ask if i had ptosis (drooping of the eyelid) when i was a medical student.He then proceeded to bring me to another room alone with him so that he could have a better examination. See how dangerous having assymetrical double eyelids can be? Flirtatious doctors can put you in awkward situations. Adding a tape solves the problem. But honestly i never bothered till recently. I hated that the tape could still be seen if some one looks closely at the lids. I opted using a slim-type of double eyelid tape. However this one is slimmer and is double sided! This should be practically invisible. I have not tried it yet, but as i have said, it sounds promising. It's a bit pricey at RM5 for 10 sets, but it's ok for me since i only have to use it on one side.

In front of the double eyelid tape is another yellow box of double eyelid tape (the type i used to use).

The contraption with 5 yellow round orbs and a blue prong? That's an embosser! Very happy that Daiso is bringing in more craft supplies.You can't see it from the picture, but i'm going to be able to emboss animal shapes.

The green package consists of sachets to put green/chinese tea in so that the tea leaves don't get into your cup. My mom likes it a lot!

Yup Daiso is still my favourite budget shopping place.


passerby said...

Hi :) can you do a review on the eyelid tape and eyelid glue you bought? how do you find them?

saltvinegar said...

Okies. I'll get to it after my exam which is *gulp* tomorrow!

Aqilah Azmi said...

hi thanks bcs im in malaysia (obviously)
and just wanna make sure that the tape is avail in daiso hihi
thanks <3333

saltvinegar said...

Hi sorry for the late reply! Definitely available in daiso Malaysia and much more options now!


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