Wednesday, 5 October 2011

iPhone 4s

I was expecting an iPhone 5 but they released an iPhone 4S instead.

Tell me what you think of this new apple phone.

For me it was a little bit of a let down since i was really looking forward to seeing a different design from I-phone 4. So it looks the same as I-phone 4, but with a better camera and a few new features which is a faster processor, I- Cloud and Siri.

I have absolutely no use for Siri since i like typing anyway. I guess it would be great if you're  looking for a hands free phone.And is it just me or does Siri sound robotic and annoying? I do not look forward to talking to Siri everyday. Great for extremely lonely people.

Also the added camera function where you can crop and edit photos, I've already been doing with many great iPhone apps anyway. I'm looking forward to see how well the new and improved camera takes pictures though.

The iPhone 4S will hit stores in the US, Canada, Japan, Australia,UK, France and Germany on the 14th of October. On October 28th 22 other countries including Singapore will be starting sales of the new phone. Malaysia will possibly follow not long after.

Price wise, i have no idea but there are predictions. Hopefully it will be cheaper, considering how much cheaper the other smart phones are.

I'm looking forward to iPhone 5 already.


Sharon said...

is such dissapointing

SneakyLily said...

I don't like these 'voice command' things either. I feel like a weirdo talking to myself, and what if your in public haha!
I like the shape of our iPhone 3's better than the 4, but I LOVE the sound of the 8mp camera!

saltvinegar said...

Yeah how i i wish i have the new camera! Looks like it's capable of taking great pictures!

Anonymous said...

btw its iPhone, its supposed to be a small letter i with a capital letter of the word after the i, and no need for hyphens.

saltvinegar said...

Hey anon, thanks for pointing that out! Sorry for the error which will be rectified ASAP.


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