Sunday, 2 October 2011

Mirai-chan 未来ちゃん (Future-chan) - By Kotori Kawashima

For quite a few days now i have been googling ' Japanese Village Girl Pictorial Book', 'Cute Japanese Village Girl', 'Japanese Village Girl Kinokuniya', with the hopes of discovering the identity of the cute cherub in my previous post. The book was featured in a tiny section in Kinokuniya KLCC and touted to be one very popular book in Japan. I was intrigued and immediately fell in love with the book, but as i knew nothing about who the little girl was, i decided to not jump in and buy the book until i found out.

The problem was, with no name and lame search phrases as the ones above, google images returned me images of everything from 'Memoirs of a Geisha' to seductive Japanese girls in various states of undress.

My curiosity insisted i seek help, and a quick question to one of my favourite blogger, Yumeko did the trick. Within minutes, i had my answer (I can't say thank you enough!) and i was on a roll on the internet (Thank God for Google translate) searching for pictures and information about the girl and photographer of the captivating picture book.

The girl's name is kept secret i suppose and is referred to as Mirai-Chan or Future-Chan. She was first featured on Brutus magazine.

The popular pictures, were then published as a picture book and the various photo exhibitions were held by the photographer Kotori Kawashima (川島小鳥).

Have a look at the pictures.

In love yet?
In my rather relentless searching online, i found almost 80% of the English medium blogs that featured Mirai-chan has the misconception that she was photographed by her mother. They even wrote whole essays about the photographer,Kotori Kawashima's (male, born 1980) , supposed motherly love.

The actual fact is, Mirai-chan is the daughter of his friend who lives in a village in Sado Island, Nigata prefecture.

Making mistakes is one thing, making mistakes collectively is another, but making a mistake, not knowing facts and creating stories from mistakes is just bad!

To quote the link in the picture above:

"Kotori Kawashima's daughter is her favourite subject. I don't blame her.."


The photographer is a guy in his early 30's who has had many exhibition's and one of the most popular pictorial book in Japan and everyone's calling him a lady?

 I wish people would get their facts right.

In case you're interested what he looks like, here are links one and two with pictures of the mysterious photographer who really should put his picture on his official website.

I don't own any of the pictures and all the pictures belong to the photographer Kotori Kawashima.

If you like what you see, the book is available in Kinokuniya KLCC.

Here's signing off the post with one of my favorite picture.

Too cute!


shuaddict said...

OMG .. those rosy cheeks! I want one :D

saltvinegar said...

I know.. ha ha ha you mean you want the book or the kid?

shuaddict said...

The kid :D With chubby red cheeks.

saltvinegar said...

Ha ha ha...have one of your own :)

Yumeko said...

thank YOU for presenting the facts abt the photographer! i get so irritated ppl made it seem like it was a unprofessional housewife taking pics of her daughter.

glad i could help :D

saltvinegar said...

Yumeko: I know! I got really irritated too..poor photographer!

But i wouldn't have even found out who the little girl is without you! Tq tq we need more bloggers like you!

saltvinegar said...
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missaoki said...

The book was a little expensive for my budget if not I would've gotten it. Today I went to Kinokuniya KLCC to look for it again and ... it's sold out! Damn.

saltvinegar said...

Yup it does look expensive for a picture book doesn't it but it's soooo cute! Anyhow most of the nice pictures are here anyway :p


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