Friday, 28 October 2011

Mooks galore

Once again more mooks coming Kinokuniya KLCC's way.

All cute but not something i would buy for now.

On a separate note, I'm sure you know Naruko products are in Watson's Malaysia now and i've bougth a few! So far loving them.

In care you don't know Naruko is a brand formulated by Niu-Er famed make-up guru in Taiwan. Apparently he's a doctor too. The fact that the products are without parabens and very affordable got me interested. Also the packaging is interesting with really blah outer design and lovely colourful interior that is designed to be reusable with simple DIY instructions showing you how.

Oh, crap, i need pictures to do this.

 Will do a review soon once i have less studying to do. Oh, i've accumulated loads of cute pictures of cute purchases with no time to blog about them!

In the meantime here's Naruko's main Malaysian website.


shuaddict said...

Pingu's really cute! When I was there last week they were doing a major restock but haven't seen the ones in this post yet.

saltvinegar said...

It's out in Singapore so i guess it should be coming soon.. but oh.. the mooks in Malaysia are getting so over priced!


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