Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Burberry Body Sample

Remember the post about requesting for a Burberry Body fragrance sample through facebook? I've received the sample last week in the mail! What amazed me though was how thoughtfully planned the sample was presented. Plus the sample was sent all the way from Europe!

I'm loving the classy packaging and rather mature but sensual perfume. Here's a look at the fragrance!

Can anyone tell me where this package is from? Holland?

The packaging is amazing for a free sample!

They even included a thank you note which i felt was really sweet.

Nice :)


Sherlyn said...

i got the burberry fragrance samples 2 bottles exactly like your smaller bottle one from Perth when i purchase a cheap stocking in a shopping centre there as i pay near the cashier in fragrance department they just give me 2 bottles. is the facebook free sample still on? anyway the packaging u receive is much better than i expect as a free sample gift

saltvinegar said...

Hey i think the offer is still available. Go try the link on my Burberry Body post.

SneakyLily said...

So cute! Do you like the smell, or have you not tried it yet?
I have a few of those little perfume sample vials. I've not even tried them, have been saving them for some mysterious, unknown reason.

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

Hey, I got it also.. LOLx~ but i'm not really fancy fragrance.. lolx~ because my nose is a bit sensitive towards fragrance. thus, I gave it to my friend.. It's quite nice actually. but it's too strong for me.. Too bad my nose cannot take it.. hahaha

saltvinegar said...

SneakyLily: I've tried it, its ok and a bit mature? I like it though i'm better with fruity floral scents.

Veanne: Haha u have the same problem as my husband! In the end i can't wear fragrances also..

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

haha.. pity... but at least, because of this reason... it would help you to save a lot.. hahaha... as it's not cheap to spend on fragrance.. lolx~


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