Monday, 10 October 2011

Isetan members Sale October 2011

My husband is an Isetan member, so he probably got the newsletter about the sale but did not show me *angry face*. But that's okay as i do a lot of reading online, therefore it is with happiness that i stumbled upon these promotional pictures from a blog i visit quite often.And Fiona kindly let me nick some pictures off her blog. Thanks girl!

Have a look at these lovelies.

Sales run from Oct 7th till 20th.

Obviously a lot of these things are out of my tiny budget constraints, but it's fun looking at them , no? I did however manage to buy something within my budget and i'll let you have a look as soon as i finish doing some studying!

For more pictures from the newsletter head on over to Fiona's blog.


Fiona said...

No prob! Hahaha hope your damage is not severe ;)

Babe, could you give me your email address? I'm doing a charity fund raising next month.

Yumeko said...

cant wait to see wat u got!

saltvinegar said...

Fiona: No problem. I'll put it on your blog.

Yumeko: I did not buy much at all actually. I only got one product.But i was so tempted to buy more!

Fiona said...

Thanks for the email :)


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