Saturday, 1 October 2011

Kinokuniya KLCC Japanese Section

Just in case you're wondering what's available at Kinokuniya, here are some spy photos i took last week.

I was greeted by a huge promotional poster for August Man. You might have remembered the promotional box set from Borders? Well Kinokuniya is running a different promotion at a cheaper price and instead of a Moleskine and Dior fragrance, the Kinokuniya one contains a Camper canvas tote bag worth RM299. Anyhow the box sets were all sold out by the time i went, but since i already took a photo i thought I'd put it up. Plus perhaps Yumeko would like to have a look at the picture? He he..

Here are the loads of Japanese magazines available last weekend. I seriously should have bought Non-No or ViVi instead of that stupid Spring issue. The Agnes B tote really looked quite good (but the straps are rather thin) and you can have a touch and feel and good look at the bag as it's on display at the Japanese counter.

ViVi and the tempting Murua detachable collar.

Maquia with a cute floral pouch.

Also planners for next year are available for purchase at a 20% discount. Really tempted to but the Liberty print ones, but at a price tag of about RM50 before discount and the rather plain interior, i guess i can afford to scout around at other bookstores and novelty shops first for a cuter planner.

Here are some mooks available, most of them with a 20% discount with purchase of another item.

At the topmost portion of the shelf are the Tsumori Chisato and Agnes B mook bags (not to be confused with the Non-no ones.)

I have a feeling that there are now more interest in Japanese freebie magazines and mooks, as there are now more people thronging the place compared to when i first started buying them.

But still buy with caution and always ask to see the actual product before buying.

On another note i overheard a Chinese lady asking this to her husband after picking up a copy of Non-no, 'Why is this magazine like that? Why are there bags in the magazine? Why are there bags with all these magazines?'

I was really tempted to impart whatever mook and Japanese magazine knowledge i had with her, but i guess she would know soon enough.

She reminded me of how i was when i first chanced upon these magazines in Singapore where they were prominently featured in the store instead of hidden in  a secluded corner like in the KLCC branch. I was so intrigued by the bulging magazines with features of bags on the cover. But since i read no Japanese and was to shy to ask, i did not buy those magazines initially since i had no idea whether the picture on the cover represented the freebie inside. For all i know, the picture of bags on the cover was just for promotional purposes and that there would be a different freebie inside.

Yup i know better now, but still i get the occasional crap freebie.

And here i need some help. I chanced upon a pictorial book of a really cute Japanese child who stays in the village with her family and the pictures are really breathtaking. I was really tempted to buy it but then I'd be wondering the whole time, who is this child and why are photographer taking pictures of her like how National Geographic photographers go to poor Asian villages and take pictures of the children there?

Is she a celebrity who has her own TV reality show? Or is this book a charity pictorial book for the children of her village?  Someone who can read Japanese or know of this girl please do tell me since my google search for 'Japanese Village Girl Pictorial Book' rendered me various images of celebrity pictorials instead.

Who is this cutie? I need to know! Sorry obsessive compulsive traits kicking in...


Yumeko said...

i dont know the girl's name but i am familiar with the work
it is by a famous photographer [he took these photos for a magazine brutus and it got complied into a book] it has become a huge seller in japan in recent times.

his name is kawashima kotori.

the girl's name is a mystery and she is known as 未来ちゃん [future-chan] :D tons of pics of her online!

hope this helps! and i soo do appreciate the zachary quinto pic hahaha

saltvinegar said...

Thank you so much Yumeko!! You are such a great help! What would i do without an English writing Japanese blogger reference?

Ps. i find your love for Zachary Quito really cute.

PopBlush said...

I love browsing the mags section at Kinokuniya. How adorable is the little girl!!?? =D


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