Saturday, 17 September 2011

August Man boxset with Dior fragrance and moleskine

I have become quite the prowling eye for magazine promotions. I recently spotted this promotion at the Gardens Midvalley Borders bookstore. Even though I have absolutely no interest in this promotion since I am not a man, and my husband seems allergic to all types of fragrances, I thought I'd share this with those who might be interested.

August Man September issue comes with a double cover and for it's third anniversary, is teaming up with Borders to release a box set worth 342 to be on sale for RM 138. The box set consists of the two variations of the September issue, a Dior Aqua Farenheight 75 ml fragrance and a moleskine plain notebook.

Here's a picture I found online on the boxset.I linked the forum I got this picture from just in case anyone is interested.

I have no idea whether this is a good deal but I suppose if you love moleskines and use male fragrances then it would be.


Carrie said...

Male fragrance is not bad as long as the smell is refreshing for me

Yumeko said...

i am highly distracted by the sexy zachary quinto on the mag cover XD


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