Friday, 23 September 2011

Upcoming Japanese magazines November 2011

This is a preview of the Japanese magazines and it's freebies that will be out next month. If you're wondering what's in stores currently, see Here.

The November issue of InRed comes with a 'See by Chloe' pocket mirror and pouch.

I'm actually really interested in this one. The December issue of Liniere comes with a floral multi-case.

I'm in a huge dilemma about this one. I can't decide which one would be a better choice. Should i just buy the Spring November issue which comes with a Jill by Jill Stuart Multicase which is out now or wait for next month for the Liniere one? Sigh.. or maybe just buy both?
*UPDATE: Do not buy Spring November with Jill by Jill Stuart multicase- Quality not up to par*

The November issue of Mini comes with a really ugly Beams pouch.

The December issue of Spring comes with a reversible Paul and Joe Sister tote!

Steady November 2011 issue comes with an AG fold-able shopping bag.

The Sweet November 2011 issue comes with a really promising looking Snidel floral and zip-able tote bag!

The November issue of Cutie comes with a polka-dotted pouch and mirror set.

Glow November issue comes with a Fauchon make-up clutch.

Smart December 2011 issue comes with an A/X duffel bag.


Fiona said...

Inside of the Liniere one look so similar to Jill Stuart one :)

saltvinegar said...

Yeah lor.. dilemma.. but i think it will be a bit cumbersome to use since i have to open it up to reach my money.

shuaddict said...

Think I cannot resist that polka dot-esque bags with Steady. Have to get it! At least with clasp and foldable it's much more usable.

saltvinegar said...

But RM35-40 for a reusable bag? Girl don't buy if the material is less than satisfactory!!He he just a friendly money saving reminder :)


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