Thursday, 15 September 2011

Shiroi Koibito (Japanese Fair in One Utama)

I used to have post call euphoria. That i do not miss. Now i'm currently suffering from post-exam euphoria.Yeah, the exam which i studied 3 days for while enjoying a study free Penang holiday weekend, is over! You can understand the amount of cramming i had to do last night and this morning. Which explains also the millions of pimples currently invading my face. Ugh.. so much so I've restarted myself on meds! That bad!

Anyway, me being euphoric means more blog posts to compensate for the dearth of posts lately. I can't sleep now anyway with my adrenaline pumping.

Last Sunday, went to One Utama for dinner and saw that they had a Japanese fair going on with a section for Hokkaido products.

You can understand my utter joy when i saw some boxes of the coveted Shiroi Koibito boxes lying around waiting to be snapped up. What's all the fuss about these biscuits? Well, supposedly, these biscuits are exclusive to only Hokkaido. Those who know will often buy boxes of these biscuits back as souvenirs. Other than Hokkaido, these boxes of loveliness have also been sighted at Naruto airport and Japanese fairs in Japan. I've seen these being promoted in Singapore magazines when there is a Japanese fair there, but i never thought that it would be available in Malaysia!

Here it is!

As you can see i'm a bit obsessed. I first got a taste of it when one of my patient's daughter gave it to me after i inserted a chest tube into her dad.I had no idea what it was then.

Subsequently i read it somewhere, and people who went to Japan gave my brother a whole box of it. Googling on the internet i realized it was quite exclusive.There were people desperately trying to ship these to  the USA.

The biscuits are so hot, it has it's own theme park!

Where you can see the immaculate and sterile process of baking these cookies among other things.

So what are these biscuits?  It was produced in 1976 by Ishiya Seika in Hokkaido and are basically soft white chocolate sandwiched in between two thin fragrant 'langue de chat' cookies. They come individually packaged in a dark green packaging that is individually printed with the expiry date.

The biscuits live up to the hype, the milky white chocolate representative of Hokkaido's excellence in dairy products while the biscuits are made painstakingly thin to provide a good crunch. The biscuits are nice and textured giving the impression there are thousands of tiny crispy particles embedded within.

These cookies are nice. But nice and exclusive things don't come cheap. I paid RM39.90 for a measly but lovingly packaged box of 12 which comes up to about RM3+ per biscuit!!!Damn you conversion rate! Anyhow i don't think i'm going to be seeing this around in Malaysia anymore so if you see it, my advise is don't think, just grab.

They also included a brochure of more products i cannot buy to tempt me to fly to Japan! Evil buggers!

I was also hyperventilating at spotting my favorite potato snacks of all Jagabee, in packs of 5 in butter flavor! Someone explain to me why it's not available in Malaysia when it's freely available in 7-11 in Singapore?

With exams, and stress and binge eating I'm sad to say I'm not left with much more and the only reason i still have any at all is just so JH gets to at least try them.

So if you see them around, do let me know!

Here are some Shiroi Koibito lovers just in case you don't believe me:

Kitchen Cow

I want more cookies and Jagabee!!


adeline said...

Wow, I didn't know the cookies were so exclusive - my boss gave us some before and I thought it was really good; even the packaging is classy, the material of the paper is also topclass. If I knew I would have ate them slower! Btw, what are these Jagabees thingy? I saw them in the supermarket but didn't dare try. wouldn't the french fries be lembik?

saltvinegar said...

Jagabees are Japanese French fries which never go soggy! You have to try it! Get the butter flavoured one if you can! But be warned they're addictive. Ha ha regarding Shiroi Koibito- I had the exact same thought when I found out how precious they were a few years back: I should have eaten them s-l-o-w-l-y!

Carrie said...

I love this cookies very much. Bought few boxes from Hokkaido last year.

The Jap french fries are too good! My favourite snack during TV time in Hokkaido.....

Anonymous said...

Both Shiroi Koibito and Jyagabee are available at a booth in front of a shop named Sukiya at Tokyo Street, Pavilion.


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