Thursday, 22 September 2011

Home away from home

I travel a lot. Not in an international way though. I divide my time between KL, JB and Slim River. It's bothersome traveling but somehow never very tiring since the distance is not crazy far. The good thing is i feel at home at all 3 places and i welcome the changes of environment. Like now, I'm in Slim River. And the difference in air quality and weather is palpable! Seriously! Even though it's just an hour away, the air is so much fresher and cooler! You are greeted by birds chirping instead of 2 hour KL traffic jams. Living the 'kampung' (village) life once in a while is definitely refreshing!

For the benefit of international readers (yes i think i do have them), here are 3 maps on where these places are in Malaysia.

I am so loving this refreshed feeling, I don't even mind cleaning up a very dirty apartment, and also hopefully study and finish up my presentation for next week.

Even though Slim River is a small district, it has great internet connection speed (without having to worry about the thing called internet usage quota, since my husband has a landline). I had a huge urge to blog and hence this post.
Obligatory 'uniform' on the cold ETS train, jeans, purple fleece jacket and Longchamp bag. It takes about one and a half hours to reach Slim River from KL Central.

I understand so much how tourists sometimes prefer to take trains rather than faster public transports when traveling. The view of the countryside along the rail way line is just so pretty! Plus i guess it's the best way to see a country and all of it's beauty without hiding it's flaws and all. You often get to see lush greenery and countryside and also get a good view of a person's backyard, with clothesline and all. Sad to say though not all trains are made equal. The ETS trains are new and clean and punctual and fast in a non-scary way. It only plies the route from Seremban to Ipoh, so if you are a traveler i would suggest taking ETS trains instead of the normal old ones.

This was taking in the morning after a light shower, but seriously my i-phone camera does the beautiful scenery no justice. Might need some tweaking with my camera + application.

I know I've voiced my dissatisfaction over the Malaysian edition of SCawaii, and i told myself not to buy it anymore, but i succumbed to the temptation of flipping though pages and pages of Japanese fashion. This issue fares better though so RM6.90 well spent! Plus i had a great kick out of spotting gross spelling and grammatical errors in this Bahasa Melayu version. So much so i will dedicate an entire blog post to the flaws of the BM edition of this magazine.

Also another reason why i bought it is because it had a great cover.

My task for this weekend (it's only Thursday and i feel like it's the weekends already?) is

1) Clean house
2) Finish presentation on 'proteins in body fluids'
3) Study at least 1 chapter
4) Blog
5) Make full use on unlimited internet access! Muahaha

Ending this post with random pictures I've taken this month.

1) Inflation part two. Remember how much these card games use to cost? Rm 1 at most? Look how much it costs now! I have a nagging suspicion the cards we used as kids were counterfeits.

2) Ikea makes the best cookies.

3) Neighborly present from Greece!

4) Yet another pair of shoes. My shoes don't last more than 5 months- tell me why?

6) Lantern festival decorations in City Square JB on the first day of Hari Raya. I kind of feel truly Malaysian seeing Malay shoppers in their new Raya clothes celebrating Hari Raya at the shopping centre to the rhythm of Chinese traditional music.


~mEm0RiEs~ said...

Reading this post... Makes me miss home so badly.. >.<" I still have few more years before I can go back to Malaysia and settle down.. =.="

saltvinegar said...

Aww.. girl it's supposed to be a happy post! Don't worry at least you know you're going home in the future! But if you marry a Singapore guy...

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

hahaha... I know it's suppose to be a happy post... lolx~ because of all th sweet memories in Malaysia, makes me cherish everything I have in Malaysia. Hahaha... don't worry, my boyfriend is a Malaysian.. hahaha

saltvinegar said...

Hahahaha then you'll be back in Malaysia soon! Cheer up and enjoy your Singapore days! I wish i work in Singapore cos it's near JB!

Sherlyn said...

old maid and happy families do sell in hypermarket less than RM5 now ler, i am shocked when see the price in ur blog. so i suggest u look for hypermarket or supermarket. between sandal cant last long, so i prefer to wear shoe as i worry the sandal damage halfway when i at outside.

saltvinegar said...

Ooh those card games are still being sold?! I gotta check it out..


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