Monday, 27 June 2011

SCawaii Malaysia with free Maybelline long extreme stiletto mascara

I love Japanese magazines though i can't read them and they cost a small fortune by magazine land standards.
The Malaysian version i love for all the Japanese magazine scans with Malay translation. What i hate is the really ugly local interpretation of the magazine. The local styling and models just look ugly! And i hate the really bad grammar and glaring typos.

I only got it cos there was a free normal sized mascara, and it was cheap.

Please pardon the ugly imitation cover.What kind of styling is this? Which sane adult would wear this outfit out? This is not Seventeen magazine! This is SCawaii!!

Pardon me while i turn to a proper page with scans from the original magazine. The mascara looks promising!

And the mascara was actually hiding the word 'Kors'. Tell me is there another designer called Micheal Kors, or should someone fire the whole editorial team for the Malaysian edition?

Simple fundamental mistakes which make me so mad! These people are not taking their job seriously! Might as well just rescan in Japanese when the translations are this bad!


Princess Jennifer said...

I bought the mag too and totally agree with you. Just wonder why they didn't make it an English version?
Btw why I din get the mascara? >.<

saltvinegar said...

You are so right! Someone should make an English version of Jap mags at those prices! I bought it in Kino.Not too sure if its exclusive to Kino though i don't think so cos there was a free garnier face cream everywhere for the previous issue.

Anonymous said...

It right the label is Michael kors

saltvinegar said...

Michael vs Micheal .. lol


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