Saturday, 18 June 2011

Random picture post

I've amassed a number of pictures that don't seem to fit here nor there in any of my posts, but it seems a shame not to share it and thus here is my second random picture post.

Tiny kittens hiding in a safe place.

Monkeys at Genting Highlands.

The view from my balcony in Slim in the morning. Note the morning mist.

More cute Japanese DIY miniature clay sweet set.

The view from my room now.

Steamboat yum.
Macaroons are over-rated.

Temporary river  when water pipes burst.

Village houses on a train trip.

Stray kitty.

My first ever complete rainbow (though you can't tell from this picture..). A complete arch finally!

LV cake in the most unlikely of places. A small town called Bidor.

Giant headed prawn at KLCC food court. It cost me RM 20 per prawn and as much as it was exciting eating such a huge prawn ( I'm the kind that eats the head.), it was not fresh.

Sweet buys from Singapore. Nerd's ropes and Wonka raspberry twister, both happily consumed by JH.

My favourite Calbee potato chips. Why do they not sell it in Malaysia?!

Hope you don't feel you've wasted 5 minutes of your life.


Taehreh said...

kittens omg!! I want to take them home and then die because I'm quite allergic. That LV cake is very impressive, whoever made it must be extremely patient.

thanks for sharing :)

Sherlyn said...

the kitten actually look like my cat when he is small. When he grows up he is actually getting good looking ^_*. i love cat so much!


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