Thursday, 2 June 2011

New crib

After making the decision of switching to pathology and sitting for the Master's of pathology entrance exam with 100 others from Malaysia and a handful of international students, i had to face the reality that my simple life in Slim River was about to change. Firstly i have relocated to KL as there is where the university is.Jams, jams ,highways and heavy expenditure greeted me. Also the lure of shopping centres and varied food choices left my wallet next to empty.

Secondly, my whole syllabus and reference books will have to change.

I will hopefully see my JH once a week instead of daily. On the plus side i do not have to do on-calls for the next one year! All the more time for studying!

At the orientation today, i learnt that only 38 passed the entrance exam! My.. that certainly boosted my confidence in pursuing this field. Warranted, the exam was actually very general and not focused on the specialties of pathology per se.The real exam will be much much tougher!Nevertheless, i will try my best not to fail as i really want to be reunited with the hubby soon.

Therefore i now am revisiting my medical student life and staying in a condominium with two shrinks as housemates to keep me sane.

For the benefit of my family and my beloved friends i present to you, my crib.

Cozy sofa and double curtains, but no TV! Thank God for internet.

 My room! Random stickers on furniture courtesy of landlady's kids.

It's nice with lots of storage space to stash my junk. The only grouse is that the mood lighthing sets the mood for  sleeping!! But i need to study!

For the first time in two and a half years, i have hot water! I have shower! No more bucket system! I have air con! (Not that i really need it since i'm averse to cold and the air con just serves me allergic rhinitis in the mornings.) But I also have a 5 fold increase in rental!

Wait a minute, i don't even pay rental in Slim River!

Having no on-calls also mean i have no side income. For the first time since i start working, u feel i need to control my spending. Which is good really considering how much junk i buy.

Now it's back to how life was when i was a medical student where i'm going to stick to a budget. I actually jotted down every single item i buy and limit my spending on RM30 each time! Imagine what a poor student i was! But seriously that was great training.

You don't need a lot of money to be happy, but you need enough.

Here's wishing for a smooth transition and a happy life.


Pammy said...

Congrats, dear, and good luck! That's a nice room. :P

Taehreh said...

Wow congrats on passing the exam!! And nice crib :)

Sherlyn said...

Wish u all the best for ur new study life! well ur condo environment consider not bad. no TV but you may view any drama on ur pc since u have internet. It is a blessing since you still able back to study life!

saltvinegar said...

Girls! Thanks! Despite the changes i have to admit life is comfortable.. except for the studying part..

Sherlyn: Why do you think going back to study is a blessing? Studying is pretty torturous haha

MariaKristela said...

Really nice and neat crib. I love the sofa. Very homey. :)


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