Thursday, 30 June 2011

Japanese miniature sweets - Fuwa Fuwa mousse

You've gotta hand it to the Japanese when it comes to making all things cute.First they made miniature sweets a plausible collectible hobby. It was only a matter of time before they came up with DIY kits to make your own miniature clay sweets.

My interest was piqued when i saw boxes of these DIY kits in Kinokuniya and Isetan KLCC.There were two different types of packaging. I did some research on it, and here i present the findings

There are two types. One is called Fuwa Fuwa mousse and the other is an eraser making kit. Both from Kutsuwa.Fuwa fuwa literally means soft like a cloud.

These are the Fuwa Fuwa mousse sets spotted  at Isetan and Kinokuniya costing around RM40-50.Apparently it is a kit where paper clay (which air dries- no baking needed) and the moulds and cutting tools are provided to make miniature decorative sweets! How convenient is that?

Doughnut shop kit.

Patisserie kit.

Stamp making kit.

Extra paper clay with glitter just in case you need to make more. I eyeballed the price and i think it costs RM 20-ish.

I did some googling and found some of the art works made from this kit.

So why is it called Fuwa Fuwa mousse? The white cream things are made from another material called  mousse clay and u can basically pipe it in like real cream.

More pictures here .

Also from the same manufacturer is an eraser making kit of the same cutesy food shapes. This one needs some microwaving though.

I would try to describe the 'making of' process if i could, but nothing says it better like a youtube video. Enjoy the video. I've been insanely addicted to these if nothing else for the plastic/noises!

And this person does not look like she is going to stop making videos anytime soon *yay*. Look at how many kits she has yet to use!

I'm going to get one of these kits when i have more time and feel richer. Not being on-call really dents the pocket.


SneakyLily said...

Kind of wish I never knew these existed... When I was a kid I used to collect 'cute' erasers, I think i'm going to have to buy the eraser making set.
I never knew they had things like this in Isetan KLCC, which level is it on (what other things on that level?). Now I have two more places to check out next time I go to KLCC ^_^

saltvinegar said...

Ha ha i wish i didn't either cos i'm itching to buy it too.
Honestly i can't remember exactly what level, but it's at the Japanese stationary section.These things are terribly unnecessary but extremely desirable!

.:dewgem:. said...


I chance upon your blog when I was searching to purchase these eraser making kits online. Didn't know Kinokuniya and Isetan KLCC got them! Is it more expensive?

I recently bought two DIY candy making kit from Japan and they costs me a total of nearly RM50 after conversion plus shipment from Japan.

Gosh, now I must go KLCC to check them out!!!


saltvinegar said...

Those eraser making kits were around RM30-40 each if i'm not mistaken so i guess you got a better deal shipping it in yourself!

Anonymous said...

Are all of these erasers including the Patisserie kit


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