Sunday, 5 June 2011

Female Malaysia June Issue with Chloe Perfume,Harper's Bazaar with Origins freebie

The Malaysian edition of Female comes with a really nice smelling vial of Chloe perfume.

As well as an Inner D Tox sachet. I'm not entirely sure how beneficial this is to my health, but these detox products seem to be everywhere!

The latest issue of Harper's Bazaar comes with a free 2 piece Origin's anti-aging formula supposedly worth RM61.Comes with  a clear pouch too.

The freebies were really tiny. Really they are worth RM 61? It's gotta be really effective  then.Must try to find out.I bought in at Kino, not sure if the offer is available elsewhere though.

On another note though, i've read about some irresponsible people who remove the gift with purchases from magazines. In KInokinuya KLCC i have only seen it once when a Taiwanese magazine was ripped off its freebie which was packaged together.

Imagine my disgust when i come home with the Harper's Bazaar magazine, flip through and found this perfume sample already opened! This one by Bvlgari was packaged so that when you open the cardboard shaped like the perfume bottle there would be a foil enclosed sample of the perfume.

A little like those scratch and sniff kinds. Well for my magazine, the foil was already opened!! OMG what childish people are there lurking in Kinokuniya? Just to smell the sample they peeled apart the foil of someone else's magazine? If you want to sniff the perfume so much, but the magazine!!!!!! It's just RM7.40. If not just keep your hands and nose off!!


Cieri said...

issit cleo mag or female mag? coz you wrote cleo but the picture clearly shown as female? I wanna know coz I want to ask my bf to buy me one all over from malaysia

saltvinegar said...
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saltvinegar said...

OMG i'm so sorry.. i must have been really sleepy. Confirming it is with Female magazine! Thanks for letting me know!

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

Haha.. typical Malaysian.. They won't buy unless they confirm that it is worth buying it. So, they normally end up opening the foil. Even if they make a decision to buy it, they would not take the one that she already open it. She would take a brand new one.. LOLx~ Agree..?? hahaha

saltvinegar said...

Tell me about it!! I think MAlaysians are starting to be very kiasu... My God a whiff of perfume sample also wanna steal..

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

Haha... people like free stuff.. i guess..?? =.=ll i guess, only minority would do that... i would faint, if majority of malaysians are like that.. LOLx~


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