Monday, 6 June 2011

Kinokuniya lovelies

I have to say, the Japanese make the best products, and going to KLCC always gets me excited as  there are three main Japanese stores there! Kinokuniya, Isetan and Uniqlo!

Here are some  random shots of stuff i spotted last weekend.Current mooks and mags at KLCC.

And on the stationary section of Kinokuniya, i found this! It's a kit for making your own clay miniature cakes and tarts! Don't you love all these cute pastel colours? And the price is affordable too. I had to refrain myself as the last thing i need now are more distractions!

Gosh! Can it get any cuter? (Its called Fuwafuwa mousse in case you're interested.)


Jamie Wong said...

jap stuffs are always adorable!

Sherlyn said...

did u buy clay miniature cakes, can't wait to see the outcome if you have bought. it look so cute!

saltvinegar said...

No i did not.. didn't want to distract myself from studying and was trying to save money too :P


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