Sunday, 12 June 2011

Blog statistic

I noticed something unusual in my blog statistics and i had to check it out. There was an unusual increase in blog views out of the blue.

I went to Nuffnang and realized i had one person to thank for it. And that person is a 5 year old Suri Cruise!

As you can see, i usually have around 200 visitors per day, very little i know.. (small time blogger syndrome). But on the 10th and subsequently on the 11th (not shown on graph) there was a 6 fold increase in blog visits.

Golly. What happened? Did someone link me?

The answer is clear. There is an overwhelming need for people to look up on TomCat's offspring Suri Cruise.

But Suri Cruise has been around for 5 years! Why the sudden popularity. I have no idea either, but i do know one thing... the country that she is popular in, And that country is..

Can anyone tell me why?

This is the blog post that increased my stats. No wonder there is a whole site dedicated to her. Star power indeed.

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