Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Suri Cruise Fashionista

I was inspired  by 8 Days recent feature on Suri Cruise to write this post. It seems that the off-spring of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has a wardrobe worth US$ 400,000 rendering her one of the biggest fashionistas of our times (definitely the defacto fashionista in her age group - she's four).

In fact she has a blog ( dedicated to her many fashionable appearences.Here are some of her many fashionable moments.

Introducing the pretty tot.

With mom Katie Holmes formerly of Dawson's Creek fame.

With dad Tom Cruise (from jumping on the couch on Oprah fame).

The little girl never fails to look fashionable. Here she makes green boots and a party dress combo look good.

For a while she was in the tiered long skirt phase.

What i knew all along.. Kitten heels are the best!

In fact , 'who wore it better' type articles and posts have been sprouting up pitting Suri with other celeb kids and also A-list Hollywood stars.

Maddox vs. Suri in a faux fur coat.

Suri vs Violet Affleck (offspring of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affeck)

Suri Cruise vs Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner.

This is just too cute.. personally i think Suri won.

Meanwhile Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt aspires to be a boy.

Which is great because everyones allowed to be a tomboy. Can't wait till the day she starts dressing all girly girl though.

Disclaimer: I own none of the pictures above and all pictures are grabbed off various blogs on google images. As there are too many sources and too time-consuming for me to link all of them, i have linked none. Please leave a comment if you would like me to link the pictures.


su wen said...

Hey dear u still write ! A lot too.... :)
It was like aeons ago since I last stumbled upon ur blog....seems like a good way keep myself updated bout u :)

Take k n c u ya...u're not that far away u know...hahah

saltvinegar said...

Yeah i like writing all kinds of nonsence.. it's become a hobby.. he he we gotta arrange that girls weekend out..


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