Monday, 21 February 2011

Vitamin Water Review

The latest 'It' drink now is undoubtedly Vitamin Water . It's not available in Malaysia yet, but has recently been launched in Singapore. It has a strong celebrity following in the USA thus rendering the drink uber cool.

Here are just some of the celebrities photographed with Vitamin Water in their hands.

Brit Brit...

Kelly Clarkson



Taylor Lautner.


So i just had to find out what the fuss was about. Purchased two bottle of vitamin water as i was seriously dehydrated taking public transport in sunny Singapore.Sorry for the empty bottles. As i said i was thirsty. 'Essential' which is basically a vitamin c drink was predictably in orange while 'Multi-V' which consisted of vitamin a,b,c and e was a hundred plus kind of colour.

Basically it's success must be due to clever celebrity endorsement, minimalistic packaging and witty product labels, because it's nothing more than fortified water.

In terms of taste, 'Essential' tasted like diluted orange juice and 'multi-v' tasted like diluted lemonade. But i liked it! I'm a 'drink lots of plain water' kind of girl. I don't like coffee, or strong and thick juice. Yet i force myself to drink juice for the vitamins. After drinking juice i find myself even more thirsty . Does that make sense? Bottomline is, anything with a slightly thick consistency than water makes me thirsty!

So vitamin water is perfect for me. Cos basically i am drinking enhanced plain water, which will quench my thirst and will definitely  look hipper than me lugging mineral water around. Yeah. And i can delude myself i'm drinking lots of vitamins.

But apparently not all vitamin water are created equal. Here's a handy guide.

However on a medical point of view, don't think vitamin water as a replacement for juice or actual fruits and vegetables. It's just sugar water fortified with vitamins. It's a better alternative to soda but that's it. Don't you get addicted to it now. Real fluid replenishment should be drinking water PLAIN WATER.

On vitamins i take a traditional point of view. Load up on real fruits!

Here's an article on the truth about vitamin water which might shed some light on it's nutritional benefits.

For me, i've just found something hip to guzzle and quench my thirst! Retails for around S$2.

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