Friday, 25 February 2011

Upcoming goodies- Rebecca Taylor, HbG, Tsumori Chisato

Rebecca Taylor multi purpose case with a special edition of Spring.

Glow April with Godiva (yes the chocolate) PVC tote.

In Red April with Ylang Ylang make up box.

Steady April with HbG foldable eco-bag.

Spring May comes with Tsumori Chisato (3 piece) pouches.(Not out yet)

Call your local Kinokinuya on exact shipment dates.

Which one would i buy? None! I'm on a budget.


~niCoLe~ said...

you buying none? i don't believe =p
i like the Godiva chocolate PVC tote and Tsumori Chisato pouches =)

saltvinegar said...

eh eh.. i'm saving up for LeSportSac ler.. haha .say Hi ok if you see me at Jay's concert and vice versa.. i dun wanna get my hopes too high up.. but i'm so excited!

~niCoLe~ said...

yeah sure. oh ya! r u getting any jay's concert merchendise?

Carrie said...

Really love all these Jap magazine goodies!!! Godiva PVC tote is nice!

saltvinegar said...

Hey Carrie! Yeah i love them too but some can be expensive. The Godiva chocolate ones should be in stores. But u should call kino before you go all the way there.

Nicole: They are selling merchandise? What merchandise?

~niCoLe~ said...

check out
Got iphone covers, t-shirts, figurines, towels, etc.
Here also can


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