Saturday, 12 February 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Granted this post is a bit late but technically it's still Chinese New Year (it lasts 15 days) and fireworks and firecrackers still go off everywhere around me, so here's wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year!

Today, is the 10th day of Chinese New Year but already we celebrated Chap Goh Meh at my uncle's house for convenience sake, since it's a weekend.

Here are some snapshots from Chinese New Year~

Reunion dinner. Technically i did not eat this dinner since i was at the in-laws but this was in my mom's camera so i nicked it for illustration purposes.

We went to Desaru on the second day of New Year where i was reunited with my brothers!

My DIY pedicure which i am damn proud of , taking into acount i only had 20 minutes to achieve this. Do ignore my ugly and vein-y feet.Trust me the toes look nice and sparkly from afar.

Soon it's time to go back to work.. sigh. But i had a lovely holiday with family and friends. Here's to next year!

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