Sunday, 27 February 2011

Jay Chou 'The Era' DVD

Everyone going for the concert is probably as excited as i am. Hence when the DVD came out, i knew i would be getting it. Thanks JH for the Valentine's present! But if he didn't get it for me i would have succumbed and bought it myself later anyways. Take note that in Speedy it is sold for RM109.90, while in many other independent CD shops it costs RM 99.90.

Here's a preview.

The DVD box set.

Which consists of 2 CD's from the concert and 1 DVD.

The set comes with commemorative nanchucks .

And a cardboard photo frame with 6 changes of Jay.

I've heard the CD but am still resisting from watching the DVD. I don't wanna spoil my  Jay concert experience.


Anonymous said...

hi may i knw where u got the jay album with the photo frame one . i just bought the nun chuck and i cant find the photo frame's

saltvinegar said...

i got it from a cd shop in sunway pyramid. same floor as the bowling alley.Beside u-mobile. I think speedy is giving away the photo frames too. You may want to ask the shop keeper where you bought the dvd from.


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