Saturday, 19 February 2011

My Valentine's gift

It's getting increasingly difficult to buy presents for JH. I mean it has always been difficult. It is horribly difficult to buy gifts for guys. I could think of a few dozen things to buy for my girlfriends, but for a guy? The options are limited.

I remembered going through the same checklist every birthday/Valentines' day since we got together. It looked a bit like this.

What present to buy for my boyfriend.

1. Wallet 

(At the time he already has one bought by his mom)

2. Watch

(Oh wait i already bought him one last year. And it's still not broken yet? Argh..)

3. Shirt

(What am i thinking? He has more clothes than me..just to clarify he buys them in bulk every Chinese New Year)

4. Gadgets 

(As a poor student i couldn't afford it.. i remember one particularly embarrassing birthday present where i spent 3 months saving to buy an RM 150 MP3 player.. yes i was that poor..and i bought it in Singapore.. he didn't use it at all cos he could listen to music from his computer and in his car. In the end i used it more than him on my long bus trips back home. I used it frequently for 2 years till it broke. Yes that's how long an RM 150 MP3 player lasts)

5. Perfume/Cologne (He's allergic to it)

6. Ornaments (It will just gather dust)

7. Couple T-Shirt ( Rolls on the floor laughing .. like he will wear it..)

8. Bag (Unlike many metrosexuals out there.. JH uses no bag. Everything is stuffed in his pocket)

9. Argh..i can't think anymore

And so i was met with the same dilemma this year.

Eventually, since i was enjoying some quality time in JB, i decided to try and flex my creative chops with somewhat amateurish results.

I cut off white textured A4 paper into 4 (seems like i have loads leftover from my Form 5 autograph paper days) and drew random yummy food on them, then colored them in for effect.My inspiration here.

I also had bought a rather cute photo album.

It slides open to reveal the other half of the handsome couple.

And so i filled it with whatever photos i could find on my computer in JB in 4R size and pictures from my I phone in 3R size (some with lovely lomo effects). The 3R pictures i stuck on coloured paper and wrote captions on them. The 4R pics i had to stick the captions on the photo.

In between i had my random pieces of art.

And so it was not difficult nor expensive to rustle together a whole album of hand made love.

Plus : Jay Chou concert ticket. I'm not too sure if this is more of a present for me or him but i don't care i'll consider it part of the Valentine time deal anyway.


Sherlyn said...

It is really cracking head to think for the present for guys. i have same thought as u. perhaps u can give him some good books, electronic IT gadget like game console. haha it is very hard to think. well after married i didnt celebrate valentine's day :-(

your drawing is nice and lovely. i think u have spent quite sometime on it. he will know your heart then ^_^

saltvinegar said...

Sherlyn! have not heard from u in ages.. hows married life? Ha ha my drawings likes kids one.. it took me about 2 days for all of them.

Headache la.. dunno what to buy him anymore. Game console expensive ler..

Anonymous said...

A shaver!!! Provided he haven't have one.... Hahahaha a lazy man's best friend!


saltvinegar said...

Johnson!! U are too practical liao!! Ha ha.. hey what happened to your blog??

Sherlyn said...

salt vinegar, my married life is like usual and normal. just back from second honeymoon trip :-) when u plan to have baby? i have not planned yet, can u tell me which age pregnant is high risk?

saltvinegar said...

wah.. second honeymoon where? I plan to have try to have before 30. High risk would be after 35.

Sherlyn said...

i went Melbourne for first honeymoon then second is Tasmania, i'm already after 30 will it be high risk? but my father is sick now i don't think i can pregnant for this moment coz have to take care him

saltvinegar said...

Girl, dun wait. Should start trying now.Risks are higher as we age, but they are just risks. Extra precaution must be taken during antenatal period but it does not mean the individual cannot have healthy children.


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