Thursday, 24 February 2011

Le SportSac Spring Summer 2011 Mook

I'm still wondering whether it's worth getting this. Looks kind of good from the pictures though. What do you think?

It looks like it can be folded up so nicely. Out March 12th in Japan for 1300 yen.I'm liking the first style, stardust and second style berry blossom!


Denise said...

hey caroline, am piqued to get these too. just wondering how to? kino?

saltvinegar said...

yup you can get them from kinokinuya KLCC. Its out 12th march in Japan so you should call KLCC kino and ask if the mooks are there before going. Not too sure bout the price but i think it should be 65 ++. I would advise to look at the samples available at the Japanese counter before purchasing to check if its what you want. Pictures may look nicer than actual product.

Denise said...

oic. alright, will follow up on that. thanks for sharing, have a gd weekend!


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