Sunday, 27 February 2011

Jay Chou 'The Era' DVD

Everyone going for the concert is probably as excited as i am. Hence when the DVD came out, i knew i would be getting it. Thanks JH for the Valentine's present! But if he didn't get it for me i would have succumbed and bought it myself later anyways. Take note that in Speedy it is sold for RM109.90, while in many other independent CD shops it costs RM 99.90.

Here's a preview.

The DVD box set.

Which consists of 2 CD's from the concert and 1 DVD.

The set comes with commemorative nanchucks .

And a cardboard photo frame with 6 changes of Jay.

I've heard the CD but am still resisting from watching the DVD. I don't wanna spoil my  Jay concert experience.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Upcoming goodies- Rebecca Taylor, HbG, Tsumori Chisato

Rebecca Taylor multi purpose case with a special edition of Spring.

Glow April with Godiva (yes the chocolate) PVC tote.

In Red April with Ylang Ylang make up box.

Steady April with HbG foldable eco-bag.

Spring May comes with Tsumori Chisato (3 piece) pouches.(Not out yet)

Call your local Kinokinuya on exact shipment dates.

Which one would i buy? None! I'm on a budget.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Le SportSac Spring Summer 2011 Mook

I'm still wondering whether it's worth getting this. Looks kind of good from the pictures though. What do you think?

It looks like it can be folded up so nicely. Out March 12th in Japan for 1300 yen.I'm liking the first style, stardust and second style berry blossom!

Failure of the surgical department

It gets tricky when you are in a district hospital , some departments with specialists and some without. It gets even more tricky when there are old MO's there who think they are specialists or moral guardians.. or both.

Typically the paediatric department handles all cases under 12 years old, as long as no surgery is required. If surgery is required then the surgical team is called in to handle the case. In a hospital such as mine, the surgical team is typically a 'referring out' team. They do not have a specialist and of the 3 MO's only one MO can safely perform an operation. They have recently obtained a surgeon who is on leave the minute he arrived. But that's fine. He needs to settle logistics. So take note, note, now the surgical team is a surgical team with a practicing and experienced surgeon.

Now when a child comes with any problem at all, the medical assistant will call the pediatric doctor. Even if the child has spiking temperature with voluntary guarding , all sinister signs pointing out to possible peritonitis.This is called the knee jerk reflex of the lower level staff. They can't see the disease,they can only see the age. But that's fine. They don't have an MBBS or MD.

I promptly saw the case and urged my surgical counterpart to have a look to rule out appendicitis, possibly a ruptured one.

The surgical MO saw the case but refused to clerk the case. He instead wrote in the casualty card that the paediatric department should take the case and to rule out a urinary tract infection. At the same time, he can't rule out acute appendicitis either, so please could the paediatric team not start any antibiotics yet lest it masks the signs of acute appendicitis. Oh and by the way, we are not the primary team ok? The paediatric team is,ok?

Okay.. you want the pediatric team to take the case as you think it is more of a bacterial infection of the urinary tract but you don't want us to start antibiotics? So the primary team must listen to the secondary team? Hmmm..

So now the paediatric team is the primary team in an acute abdomen case? Great no problem. I should have just managed the case by myself without the so called 'surgical team' that cannot do any surgery even if my patient's life depended on it. I made sure i reviewed the patient again and called the surgical MO at 1 am to please reassess. If the medical officer is not sure then he should send the patient out to a tertiary centre with a specialist.

Sigh.. so this MO, did his best with what he had but was just short of having the balls to pick up the phone

When the senior 50+ MO came the next morning, he diagnosed the case as a perforated appendix and promptly shifted the blame on the poor paediatric MO aka me (who had to among other things manage proper medical paediatric cases throughout the night), for not referring the case out. I'm sorry i tried my best to alert your team but i guess they were just too blind.

Anyway i was the one who accompanied the child via ambulance to the tertiary centre as the surgical team just could not care less.

If they claim to be so concerned for the patient shouldn't they have made sure the child was stable before and during transport?

These things happen.And don't think the private practitioners are better ok. It is doctor dependent. I have met some of the most passionate and intelligent doctors in the government setting and i hope to be like them.

Is it any wonder i want to do pathology even though i'm trained in pediatrics? There is just too much politics and too many deficiencies that burns my eyes seeing them.Not so much in the paediatric unit, i must clarify but somewhere else.

I hope to be surrounded by academics (pathologists) who can give precise and life saving assessments instead of seeing doctors who need to wait for the patients to go into full blown sepsis before they can make a diagnosis.

Thankfully the boy reached the tertiary centre safely and is pending operation.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Vitamin Water Review

The latest 'It' drink now is undoubtedly Vitamin Water . It's not available in Malaysia yet, but has recently been launched in Singapore. It has a strong celebrity following in the USA thus rendering the drink uber cool.

Here are just some of the celebrities photographed with Vitamin Water in their hands.

Brit Brit...

Kelly Clarkson



Taylor Lautner.


So i just had to find out what the fuss was about. Purchased two bottle of vitamin water as i was seriously dehydrated taking public transport in sunny Singapore.Sorry for the empty bottles. As i said i was thirsty. 'Essential' which is basically a vitamin c drink was predictably in orange while 'Multi-V' which consisted of vitamin a,b,c and e was a hundred plus kind of colour.

Basically it's success must be due to clever celebrity endorsement, minimalistic packaging and witty product labels, because it's nothing more than fortified water.

In terms of taste, 'Essential' tasted like diluted orange juice and 'multi-v' tasted like diluted lemonade. But i liked it! I'm a 'drink lots of plain water' kind of girl. I don't like coffee, or strong and thick juice. Yet i force myself to drink juice for the vitamins. After drinking juice i find myself even more thirsty . Does that make sense? Bottomline is, anything with a slightly thick consistency than water makes me thirsty!

So vitamin water is perfect for me. Cos basically i am drinking enhanced plain water, which will quench my thirst and will definitely  look hipper than me lugging mineral water around. Yeah. And i can delude myself i'm drinking lots of vitamins.

But apparently not all vitamin water are created equal. Here's a handy guide.

However on a medical point of view, don't think vitamin water as a replacement for juice or actual fruits and vegetables. It's just sugar water fortified with vitamins. It's a better alternative to soda but that's it. Don't you get addicted to it now. Real fluid replenishment should be drinking water PLAIN WATER.

On vitamins i take a traditional point of view. Load up on real fruits!

Here's an article on the truth about vitamin water which might shed some light on it's nutritional benefits.

For me, i've just found something hip to guzzle and quench my thirst! Retails for around S$2.

Le Sport Sac 2011 Spring Summer mook

I've just learnt from that the new Lesportsac mook won't be another multicase. It will instead be a foldable eco-bag in 3 styles. Bummer.. who wants another eco-bag?

A quick check on the Lesportsac website yielded a store product which looks like this.

Maybe the gift item will look like that?

Whats certain though is that it will be out in March and comes in 3 of these patterns.

Stardust,Berry blossom,First mate

To buy or not to buy?


Saturday, 19 February 2011

My Valentine's gift

It's getting increasingly difficult to buy presents for JH. I mean it has always been difficult. It is horribly difficult to buy gifts for guys. I could think of a few dozen things to buy for my girlfriends, but for a guy? The options are limited.

I remembered going through the same checklist every birthday/Valentines' day since we got together. It looked a bit like this.

What present to buy for my boyfriend.

1. Wallet 

(At the time he already has one bought by his mom)

2. Watch

(Oh wait i already bought him one last year. And it's still not broken yet? Argh..)

3. Shirt

(What am i thinking? He has more clothes than me..just to clarify he buys them in bulk every Chinese New Year)

4. Gadgets 

(As a poor student i couldn't afford it.. i remember one particularly embarrassing birthday present where i spent 3 months saving to buy an RM 150 MP3 player.. yes i was that poor..and i bought it in Singapore.. he didn't use it at all cos he could listen to music from his computer and in his car. In the end i used it more than him on my long bus trips back home. I used it frequently for 2 years till it broke. Yes that's how long an RM 150 MP3 player lasts)

5. Perfume/Cologne (He's allergic to it)

6. Ornaments (It will just gather dust)

7. Couple T-Shirt ( Rolls on the floor laughing .. like he will wear it..)

8. Bag (Unlike many metrosexuals out there.. JH uses no bag. Everything is stuffed in his pocket)

9. Argh..i can't think anymore

And so i was met with the same dilemma this year.

Eventually, since i was enjoying some quality time in JB, i decided to try and flex my creative chops with somewhat amateurish results.

I cut off white textured A4 paper into 4 (seems like i have loads leftover from my Form 5 autograph paper days) and drew random yummy food on them, then colored them in for effect.My inspiration here.

I also had bought a rather cute photo album.

It slides open to reveal the other half of the handsome couple.

And so i filled it with whatever photos i could find on my computer in JB in 4R size and pictures from my I phone in 3R size (some with lovely lomo effects). The 3R pictures i stuck on coloured paper and wrote captions on them. The 4R pics i had to stick the captions on the photo.

In between i had my random pieces of art.

And so it was not difficult nor expensive to rustle together a whole album of hand made love.

Plus : Jay Chou concert ticket. I'm not too sure if this is more of a present for me or him but i don't care i'll consider it part of the Valentine time deal anyway.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Japanese magazines

For fans of Tsumori Chisato, the April issue of Spring comes with a Cats tote. Measurement as shown on picture.

The Anna Sui mook offering.Another blah black tote and butterfly charm.
Measurements:Tote:W40 × H29 × D12cm Charm: W4.5 × H4.1cm

Cecil McBee comes with a soft toy charm. Yucks.

Non-no April comes with a Dip Drops cosmetic pouch. This looks really useful.Very Much like the Cath Kidston Hello from London Spring Summer 2010 mook freebie.The outer part is made of polyester PVC mix and a sweet pink interior. Looks like it can fit  a lot of stuff. Measurement: H13 × W20 × D7cm.
Upcoming: Big Anna Sui tote (much cuter than the mook offering) in the May issue of Non-no.(Mo pics yet).

Sweet comes with a gingham Kitson tote and matching pouch.
Measurements:Tote- H22.5 × W27.5 × D10.5cm Pouch: H10 × W16cm. Made of polyester.

Cutie comes with a Cecil McBee drum bag and charm. Not my type. If you want to know more , here's the link anyway.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Jay Chou on Readers Digest

Due to the release of The Green Hornet and his upcoming Malaysian leg of 'The Era World Tour Concert', Jay Chou seems to be everywhere. And i found him staring back at me on the cover of Readers Digest Magazine. So i just had to buy it.

Here's sharing some of the pictures in the magazine.

His acting skills have improved, but his diction still leaves a lot to be desired. What is incredible though is how someone with seemingly ordinary looks, and ordinary acting chops land himself a significant role in a Hollywood movie? All is credited to his extraordinary  musical skills that propelled him to mega stardom and opened up the field for him to try anything he desires. With his level of popularity in the Chinese speaking world, offers will pour in from and everything he touches turns into gold. (Please ignore Pandaman)

Admittedly i only watched 'The green hornet' cos he was in it.

He looked exactly like his mom!

This is the era of Jay Chou and up till now no one in the Mando-pop world even comes close to challenging his supremacy in Chinese entertainment.

To quote 8 days (entertainment magazine) :

Then : We had four heavenly kings
Now: Jay Chou versus his multi-hyphenate self (Singer, Composer, actor, director, talk-show host). A choice! We used to have a choice!

Jay is the only choice now.Muahahaha.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Jesseca Liu on Going Home

Ironically i was home on JB when the episode was aired on channel U on Singapore terrestrial TV. It was also my birthday. Hence had a nice birthday dinner with my whole family.It was probably because of that that i totally missed this episode! I had no idea Going Home 回家走走 was still showing despite having my stash of 8Days (Singapore mag with full TV schedule) with me all the while. I was kicking myself for missing this show. Thank God some kind people uploaded it on youtube.

Here's sharing a peek into the life of Jesseca Liu, and a a whole lot about the meaning of home.

She is no longer a full time artist under mediacorp, and i guess this episode shows why. She is just such a family oriented person who thrives in the familiarity of home in Langkawi.She put her rising celebrity status in Singapore on hold to focus on setting up a spa in Langkawi with her mom.

Hopefully i'll be able to see the next episode as well.

The next we'll see of Jesseca is on 'Secrets for sale' which will air on Channel U on March 14.

UPDATE:Kind souls have uploaded the 2nd episode of Jesseca Liu's Going Home here.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Granted this post is a bit late but technically it's still Chinese New Year (it lasts 15 days) and fireworks and firecrackers still go off everywhere around me, so here's wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year!

Today, is the 10th day of Chinese New Year but already we celebrated Chap Goh Meh at my uncle's house for convenience sake, since it's a weekend.

Here are some snapshots from Chinese New Year~

Reunion dinner. Technically i did not eat this dinner since i was at the in-laws but this was in my mom's camera so i nicked it for illustration purposes.

We went to Desaru on the second day of New Year where i was reunited with my brothers!

My DIY pedicure which i am damn proud of , taking into acount i only had 20 minutes to achieve this. Do ignore my ugly and vein-y feet.Trust me the toes look nice and sparkly from afar.

Soon it's time to go back to work.. sigh. But i had a lovely holiday with family and friends. Here's to next year!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Jason Hahn on 8 Days

I've been reading 8 Days since it's first issue. In fact my mom had been buying RTV times way before the inauguration of 8 Days,the best Singaporean Entertainment and Lifestyle magazine ever in my humble opinion.

A was a bit taken aback that they have just celebrated their 20th anniversary. Which means.. i've been reading this magazine every week since the age of 8? It costs RM4.90 now. And lets just factor in inflation and say this magazine costs RM4.00 as a mean over these years. And there are 52 weeks in a year. Over 20 years my parents would have invested RM 4160 on this magazine.

Which is pretty worth it actually judging  by the amount of joy it has given me over the years reading it and poring over gorgeous photo shoots.

But i digress.

As the post suggests, this post is about Jason Hahn whom i don't know anything about, but that didn't stop me from enjoying every one of his articles about....amazingly his daily life. How does he find so much to write?

The article this week got me cracking up and nodding my head in fervent agreement so much i had to share this with all the friends reading this blog, even though i risk copyright infringement.

Click on the picture unless you have superhuman vision and patience.

Loved this article.

Can anyone tell me where else can i find such entertaining and original writing if not in 8 Days?

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Suri Cruise Fashionista

I was inspired  by 8 Days recent feature on Suri Cruise to write this post. It seems that the off-spring of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has a wardrobe worth US$ 400,000 rendering her one of the biggest fashionistas of our times (definitely the defacto fashionista in her age group - she's four).

In fact she has a blog ( dedicated to her many fashionable appearences.Here are some of her many fashionable moments.

Introducing the pretty tot.

With mom Katie Holmes formerly of Dawson's Creek fame.

With dad Tom Cruise (from jumping on the couch on Oprah fame).

The little girl never fails to look fashionable. Here she makes green boots and a party dress combo look good.

For a while she was in the tiered long skirt phase.

What i knew all along.. Kitten heels are the best!

In fact , 'who wore it better' type articles and posts have been sprouting up pitting Suri with other celeb kids and also A-list Hollywood stars.

Maddox vs. Suri in a faux fur coat.

Suri vs Violet Affleck (offspring of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affeck)

Suri Cruise vs Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner.

This is just too cute.. personally i think Suri won.

Meanwhile Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt aspires to be a boy.

Which is great because everyones allowed to be a tomboy. Can't wait till the day she starts dressing all girly girl though.

Disclaimer: I own none of the pictures above and all pictures are grabbed off various blogs on google images. As there are too many sources and too time-consuming for me to link all of them, i have linked none. Please leave a comment if you would like me to link the pictures.


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