Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Cath Kidston "Hello" from London 2010 Spring Summer Mook

Another mook buy from Taiwan.And how could i resist? Knew of the mook's existence in March from Rouge Deluxe as usual, and at the time of launch retailed at S$34.10. Buying the mook in Singapore would have cost me RM81.84 with a 2.4 exchange rate. Nope not worth it. The brand is practically unknown in Malaysia anyway and there are no branches over here. It is however really popular in Japan and i saw the Cath Kidston line in a department store in Taipei. The last i saw anything Cath Kidston was in the form of a tote bag in the arm of a lady in ..drumroll.. Ipoh Parade. So i guess there is awareness of the brand over here.

But that does not justify doling out so much money for a mag/book with some freebies. But i must say at the time the freebie looked really cute and attractive but not a must have.

Then i saw the mook again in Kino KLCC in June going for RM60++. Only one copy left. But still a bit steep for me so gave it a pass.

Waddaya know. Our patch crossed again and this time it was going on discount for NT499. Roughly around RM49.90 only!! There was plenty of stock! But still i resisted.

It was only until i saw the sample of the freebies and how good the quality was that i bought the mook. Kiam siap max!

So here i share my buy.

The cover of the mook which is a magazine connected to a huge box.

Price from Mag Freak.

Love how they incorporate fabric elements into the pages.

This is also one of the prints from their latest collection.

And this is her...Cath Kidston, though i can't be sure cos i don't read Japanese.

And these are what comes with the mook. A make-up pouch, a tissue holder and posket mirror all matchy in the same prints.

They even suggest how to use the gifts with purchase.

How it looks like in real life.

Quality polka dotted inner lining with loads of compartments.

Very old- school yet very now.

Even the tissue cover is lined!

As you can tell very pleased.

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