Sunday, 27 June 2010

LeSportsac Spring summer 2010 Mook

The mook (Japanese coined term meaning magazine book) was launched in April this year and due to the overwhelming demand saw it flying off the shelves in Singapore. I'm not sure whether they restocked it but i saw a large quantity of stock in KLCC Kinokinuya available in all 3 designs, and  some designs were also still available in Taiwan. I wonder how things are in Singapore.Its amazing how the Japanese mag/mook craze is in Taiwan. Read here for details.

Even though i am very late in purchasing, (which also means i get a 20% off at Kinokinuya- but turns out it was far cheaper in Taiwan), i still want to share this mook.

Its was launched with 3 covers. Content are all the same. Each cover corresponds to the material used on the free sling multicase that comes with the mook.

The most popular patten is undoubtedly the  35th Avenue print which was an exclusive print to Japan.This is my favourite print and the most LeSportsac-ish of the lot.

This one is called the robin egg dot print, which i also love. Just one grouse i would have preferred a lighter shade of pink instead of hot pink.

This is black glitter. Not my style but it's made with a different king of material so it glitters and its waterproof.

I've read about problems with the stitching from many other bloggers. The one i bought is all right with not much of a problem. But i bought 4 other copies as gifts so i'm a little concerned there, but i can't open it for inspection cos it's supposed to be a gift!Fingers crossed!

Of course i had to get the 35th Avenue print.

The material is called rip-stop nylon as seen on many LeSportsac bags.I cannot for the life of me tell the difference between an original and a fake LeSportsac bag. But it's a good feeling to carry one which is not fake.

Once there were two friends carrying the LeSportsac sling pouch in the paediatric department. I asked one of them, is yours real or fake?

"Fake of course!" was the reply.

So i assumed the other girl (lets call her Hirah) had a fake LeSportsac as well because being the noob i was, did not recognize the prints on her bag to be original. In my heydays i thought all LeSportsacs had to be in the Tokidoki design.

So when Hirah did not bring her bag to work one day, someone asked me what happened to her bag?

So there i was asking Hirah "Hey, how come you didn't bring you FAKE LeSportsac to work today?"

Hirah opened her eyes wide and looked at me incredulously!

"Excuse me! What did you say? FAKE? I paid RM300++ for the bag ok?"

Wahahaha that was my OMG moment. Luckily Hirah and I are good friends and she even graciously answered my question.

"I didn't bring my LeSportsac today cos i have a new Braun Buffel sling bag."

Which drew blank stares from me.

"Braun Buffel??"

I think she just gave up on me there and then.

As i said. Luckily we are good friends!

So yeah more on the multi case.

The print is really cute. And it being a Japan exclusive means you can't buy the print normally in the store unless you're in Japan/ or buying the mook.

What's great is also the pale dusky pink interior. So yup a branded item for less.

Very happy :)


bride2wife said...

girrrlll...u r sooooooo damn cute!!!

i miss u oredi!!!

show us ur new GUCCI!!!


saltvinegar said...

I miss you too girl!!!
wahaha Gucci i'll bring to ur wedding!
Can't wait!!Excited max!

love and hugs!


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