Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Wedding Shoes and nails

So much to blog, so many pictures to resize, so little time to do it.
Besides the fact that there is Glee and ANTM on TV today i have yet to fully open all my lovely packages from Taiwan. Not to mention taking photos of my shopping stash! I am so busy i did not even have time to photograph everything i bought before giving them away as gifts!Groan.. anyway as i have said i have a lot to blog about but as it is really near my bedtime, will have to make do with a short post.

Just want to show my wedding shoe. You cannot imagine how hard it is to find decently priced, white/cream high heeled, non-cheap looking shoes! I did my rounds at all major shopping centres in KL. Was even willing to fork out 300++ for a Lewre but it yielded nothing!

Until i stumbled upon a blogger who had the same problem and found her solution in wedding isle.So i paid a visit to Sri Hartamas. Got lost for a bit but finally found it. Even had to SOS call Tahirah for a bit of google maps help. Ha ha.. and there were heaps of shoes there! They all looked divine and within my budget 150- 250 range. They were all so pretty but i finally settled for the one on sale cos, it was cheapest, most comfortable and open toed! I tried all the close-toed one and i seriously cannot walk in it. It may not be the prettiest but definitely the most comfortable and wedding shoe looking to me!

So ta daa.. after months of searching :

And only at RM150. Good enough for me as i probably wont wear it much again.

And not forgetting my 2 hour long plus RM130 poorer manicure.

Managed to make it last for both weddings which were a week apart.

Moral of story: Weddings are expensive!

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