Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Free and Easy Taipei Trip Itinerary

Great for people who procrastinate and don't mind taking their own sweet time to explore the place.May miss a few key attractions though :p

1st day - 2pm:Reach airport, take Freego bus -> Taiwan Angel Hostel check in -> Rest -> Taipei underground metro mall -> Shi lin night market

2nd day - Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall -> Taipei 101 and shopping around the area -> Wu Fen Pu-> Raohe night market (Can squeeze Sun-yat Sen if wake up early)

3rd day - Ye liu geopark -> Jiu Fen (overnight) -> Keelung night market

4th day- from Jiu Fen back to Taipei -> Taipei Zoo (can skip la not as nice as Singapore zoo.. unless u really need to see Pandas) -> Xi men Ding

5th day - Yang Ming Shan national park ->Xin Bei Tou Hot Springs-> Dan Shui

6th Day - Woke up late -> spent the whole day trying to get to Xiao Ren Guo (Wonders of China) spent one hour there and then another 2 hours to get back.. totally wasted -> Shida night market where all the uni student go to

7th day - Wake up late -> planned to go to storyland/paper museum etc but was raining cats and dogs. So spent the whole day exploring Taipei Underground Metro Mall + spending all my Taiwan dollars-> buy duty free stuff in airport -> flight delayed so explored empty Tao Yuan airport -> Flight home.

With 7 days some tour groups can cover the whole of Taiwan. But i love the free and easy concept. I don't want to be all stressed out during my holiday.

Do check out Kampung Boy's blog for a better and more detailed itinerary. Our holiday was based on his.


Anonymous said...


I am planning my trip to taiwan and chanced upon ur blog! would just like to ask which outlet of taiwan angel hostel did u stay at and how is the service and standard of the room?=)

saltvinegar said...

Hi, i stayed here:

and here:

Basically the same block but two different rooms. The rooms were clean and all amenities were ready. Internet was fast, 100 over channels on TV, i could cook and wash if i wanted to.I felt like it was my own one room studio apartment.Very near MRT station.

The guards are not as friendly as hotel staff but it was ok. The lift one word dingy.

But for the price i was paying and for the location, i felt it was really worth it.

However they only clean your rooms on alternate days.

Anonymous said...

hello! may i know what's the room rates? im going to taipei and im so glad that i chance upon ur blog. it was a great help in planning my itinerary=))

saltvinegar said...

Ur welcome! I paid USD339.64 for 6 nights.


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