Thursday, 27 November 2008

Second trip to Cameron HIghlands

I never thought i would be going there again.Not in such a short span from the first trip anyway. But this time it was for work.Ha ha district postings with a specialist one Mo and another houseman.It was actually supposed to be a 2 day trip which we were so hyped up for as it would be the first time any of us besides the specialist of course would be entering the Orang Asli settlement to do health screenings.

But alas it was not to be.Due to the recent rainy season the area is now landslide area and it would be difficult getting in and out of the settlement. The only way would be by motorbikes but even that would be dangerous too.So the team in Cameron Highlands cancelled the trip and scheduled it to a later date.Damn~

So it just became a day trip where we saw some patients in the clinic and visited the 7 patients in the paeds ward. I tell you the hospital is state of the art and much nicer than many private hospitals in terms of infrastructure anyway. And don't get me started on the Mo quarters there~ Magnificent tudor styled apartments and homes! Its like a holiday resort.

What p***ed me off though was how unfair the plight of the orang asli's are. They are the true settlers of this country and yet they are treated as a minority group seldom misunderstood and least benefiting from any rancangan started in this country. It seems that they have hardly any health benefits, almost every child is malnourished, immunization is more often than not missed and yet they are such kind forgiving people. They are so shy and just want to live the life they have lived for thousands of years.

All the money wasted on all those useless courses could perhaps be channeled to them? There is just too much mismanagement of resources here~sigh

Monday, 24 November 2008

My car again

I love my car.Really do cos my Dad loaned it to me.But today my car has been defaced!!And all thanks to the stupid road works ppl~ Argh parked my car on the side of the road, car pool with JH to work. Then mid morning my housemate called me and told me there was a sign on my car for me to move it cos they wanna do road works. Ok i tot i'll move it when i come back cos this morning when i left for work there were no such signs there. PLus i had a surprise assessment out of the blue so i didn't and couldn't go back to move my car. When i got back, there were black leopard splotches on the driver's side of the door and window! Argh!! And there is nothing i could do bout it. Brought it to the cleaners today but to no avail.
I wanted to write a lengthy letter to JKR for an explanation but JH says whats the point? Just live with it. Sien....My poor innocent car.Sigh~

On a happier note the assessment is not too bad and I'm going back to JB on the 3rd whoopee hurray!

And last weekend when i went back to KL with JH bought some really nice face masks and BB cream.

I've always wanted to buy 'wo de mei li ri ji'(我的美丽日记) face masks ever since seeing their really pretty print ad on Choc magazine (Taiwan fashion mag).


I mean look at this~ Its so scrapbook girly and entirely wholesome. But since it was a Taiwanese mag i guess it's unlikely that it would be sold retail in Malaysia. But i was wrong. I was practically jumping with joy when i saw it in one of the lots in 'In a box' together with some 'F cup cookies' . By golly it has reached our shores! So i bought the pearl powder mask and the rice peptide one not really knowing what they were for. But at 7 bucks a piece i didn't want to buy too much just in case i'm allergic to it or something.

I tried the rice peptide one and it felt really good! After taking out the mask there was no sticky feeling and it felt like all the nutrients had been absorbed? Ok just felt that way and my skin looked like it had a healthy glow.

So for the sake of this blog i went online to find out wat these masks were called ( cos i cant read Chinese) and what they were used for.

And i found tht it was sold for RM5.50 online on MAlaysian blogs and forums! Wah and $1.50 in Singapore blogs. Wah so cheap for such a great mask!!

It apparently comes in packs like these of different types so u can use it everyday?Like a diary?

Click on the diagram to see what the functions are but i guess it's petty much the same. Moisturizing and brightening.

And see the model is damn pretty~ pretty girls sells good stuff.. haha my bros philosophy i think?

Am really tempted to buy some more~ bUt dun really trust online stores yet~ Aiks just found a site which sells it for Rm4.90 per piece.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Tears, fears and cheers

That basically sums up how my day went. After a blissfully uneventful 1st passive call ( in charge of children 1mnth-12 years) i went to work today (SUNDAY wtf)with optimistic hope that the rounds and work would be done by 1 so that i can have lunch and go for my... wait for it.. first relearning driving lesson.(My driving sucks~ i need to improve)

The MO came at 9 am which was fine and finished up the rounds rather quickly. We were left with practically nothing to do and we just sat at the counter wondering when the specialist will come and do rounds since she is notorious for coming late for rounds. Needs to prepare breakfast and lunch for her kids it seems. BAh~ by 12.30pm i was really on the brink of just leaving the ward since 2 of my colleagues were on-call in that ward and there wasn't much to do anyway.And one of my colleagues had already left at 12pm.

So i called JH to come pick me up. Just as i was walking to the entrance of the ward.. who was to appear but the housewifely specialist.. grr.. We hoped she would do a quick round since the MO had already covered the whole ward. But yet again it was not to be.She did a full round!And worse thing was before i could call JH he had already reached the hospital. Needless to say he was really p***ed.

After a tiresome round i had to find my own way back and reached home at 2.30pm whereby i was just too tired and lazy to eat. Just took a can of tuna and tucked in ala FAnn Wong in 'reaching for the stars'. I was so stressed up that half my day was gone tears just trickled down my cheeks.I guess it was a stress buster of sorts.JH was really nice and went to get me some real food. I guess tears play a part too.

But then just as he went out Encik Mansur came, the driving instructor. By that time i lost some of the nerves of driving manual cos i just wanted to get it over with. Surprisingly i did not 'mati enjin' at all and sort of remembered how to drive manual.The skill was like in my 10th driving lesson when i just started learning. And it helps that he was so calm and patient.I practically drove around the whole of Ipoh.. to old town, Tambun, Bercham, Fairpark, The airport (which i realize is functioning but only flies to Indonesia.. sien)..wa covered everywhere i've been to in Ipoh.

But admittedly i still have fears of changing lanes and getting too close to other vehicles plus i dun look at mirrors enough when i turn.Next lesson will be using my car.He he he ..

And to end the day on a sweet note we went to watch Igor which was ok pretty funny.A movie to laugh too whoo pee..So now i'm relaxed and ready for the challenges of tomorrow in 6c (jaundice ward!!! neonates!!) which is pretty ok if only the MO's there we'rent so JUMPY. I've got this MO who over reacts to everything.

Oh, and i've been meaning to show all my new beauty purchases..
I've discovered Bloom sheer colour cream! My God u can use it on ur cheeks and lips and even on your eye lids. I think that's a bit much so i just use it on the cheeks (gives me a rosy glow) and lips. I'd say its a beauty must have!

Plus i also bought the BLOOM lip plump.To obviously plump up my lips. I'd say it looks like a really nice gloss but if u ask me if there is any plumping effect? Err.. so far not much.

But it has a good moisturizing effect so no regrets buying either.Plus i got a free gift with purchase..

An aromatherapy lip balm which i have yet to use. I think i'll just give it to someone since i've got the lip plump anyway.Anyone needs some lip balm??

Oh and i also bought some masks and BB cream which i'm really pleased with~ I'll put it up on the next post. I work everyday but still its strangely ok~

Saturday, 15 November 2008


This will mainly be a photo blog cos there was nothing much to blog about Pangkor anyway. Only went there cos we're in Ipoh so relatively damn near and we had a weekend off so too short to go anywhere la. Therefore me and JH together with my housemate and his significant other set off for Pangkor in a brand new car. Dun ask me what car cos i seriously dun pay attention to stuff like this. All i now is its new and either a Honda or Toyota.

So the ride to Lumut took maybe 1-2 hours and from there we took a ferry over to Pangkor Island. The mainland was actually much more happening than the island itself so i guess its not a bad idea to get souvenirs like t shirts and sarongs from the mainland first.

The ferry's were big and could fit a few hundred people with in-house entertainment (a tv tht showed dvd movies). Just ignore the occasional fly buzzing around. The first thing i checked out was the life jackets. Ok quite well stocked. And i made sure i knew where the emergency exits were cos i obviously i'm paranoid and i can't swim.. at all. But i was wondering do they have sizes for these emergency jackets? What do the kids wear? Adult sizes? And what if they were all in kid sizes? How does the 200 pound ang moh get into it.And if he does get into it would it help him float? But i guess all that fat would come in handy at a time like this.

Rows of orange jackets

There are a few resorts on Pangkor Island.The best and most luxurious (also the most expensive) Is Pangkor Laut resort where you can practically live on the sea. The next best being Pangkor Island Beach Resort. We went to neither. Cos my friend was in charge of the bookings and he heard Teluk Dalam beach resort was pretty good as well. Well, the good thing was each of us couples had individual kampung style chalets. The bad thing was the furniture was garish and gaudy so much so that it doesn't warrant a picture.Go look up the website if you want and the pictures don't lie, its is as sparsely decorated as that. And it wasn't even cheap! At 280 per night we could have gotten quite nicely furnished rooms at Pangkor Island Beach Resort~ (cos there was a promotion going on at the time)

Oh well anyway the room was comfortable and cold enough and the whole point is getting outdoors anyway.

Waiting for our rooms at the lobby

The guy who made it all possible ~ Neo

The aforementioned chalets

Wash leg also must hold hands

The good thing bout is was we had loads of candid shots courtesy of Neo cos he's into photography and he has a nice camera.

And so he had perfected various techniques of photograpy and self photography such as this one. Are'nt they cute together?

The cat who followed us around.

Which was a bad move cos he followed too closely and was drenched by the waves. He/she din follow us around long enuff though or we would have given it all our food.Poor fella.

We actually went there to capture the sun set.

Great photo opportunity for us who hardly have the time or view to see the sun setting into the horizon.

Dunno what we were doing but Neo caught it on film.

I took so many shots of this till we could get a just about ok shot.

Are you sick of this already?

Waiting for our dinner by the beach.

Neo's giant prawn dish.

Double date.

The resort by night.

And in the morning.

I love this. We were walking towards the lobby to check out while my friends were atop a tower snapping away.

After checking out we went to a temple by the sea but we just took pics of the sea la.

As i said loads of candid shots.

The water was much clearer at the temple part of the beach.

And we went to town cos Jia Yee wanted to buy ikan bilis for her mom. And here's where they 'sidai' all the anchovies.

I think the highlight of my trip was the keropok lekor. I ate at least 20 of those and craving for more. And taking photos. Otherwise the beach was a letdown the resort was so-so and practically nothing to do at night. So its a good idea to bring some snacks to your hotel room at night cos a lot of places are closed.

Go only if
1) you're bored and stay in Perak
2) you're an ang moh who just wants visit all the beaches in peninsular Malaysia. (better choices would be Langkawi or Redang)
3) you wanna eat nice keropok lekor in the west coast
4) you want peace and quite
5) you need to go there for induksi
6) or any other government sponsored courses
7) you like dirty beaches even privately owned ones
8) you're too lazy to drive to the east coast
9) you're gonna be staying at Pangkor Laut
10)you live there.


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