Sunday, 23 November 2008

Tears, fears and cheers

That basically sums up how my day went. After a blissfully uneventful 1st passive call ( in charge of children 1mnth-12 years) i went to work today (SUNDAY wtf)with optimistic hope that the rounds and work would be done by 1 so that i can have lunch and go for my... wait for it.. first relearning driving lesson.(My driving sucks~ i need to improve)

The MO came at 9 am which was fine and finished up the rounds rather quickly. We were left with practically nothing to do and we just sat at the counter wondering when the specialist will come and do rounds since she is notorious for coming late for rounds. Needs to prepare breakfast and lunch for her kids it seems. BAh~ by 12.30pm i was really on the brink of just leaving the ward since 2 of my colleagues were on-call in that ward and there wasn't much to do anyway.And one of my colleagues had already left at 12pm.

So i called JH to come pick me up. Just as i was walking to the entrance of the ward.. who was to appear but the housewifely specialist.. grr.. We hoped she would do a quick round since the MO had already covered the whole ward. But yet again it was not to be.She did a full round!And worse thing was before i could call JH he had already reached the hospital. Needless to say he was really p***ed.

After a tiresome round i had to find my own way back and reached home at 2.30pm whereby i was just too tired and lazy to eat. Just took a can of tuna and tucked in ala FAnn Wong in 'reaching for the stars'. I was so stressed up that half my day was gone tears just trickled down my cheeks.I guess it was a stress buster of sorts.JH was really nice and went to get me some real food. I guess tears play a part too.

But then just as he went out Encik Mansur came, the driving instructor. By that time i lost some of the nerves of driving manual cos i just wanted to get it over with. Surprisingly i did not 'mati enjin' at all and sort of remembered how to drive manual.The skill was like in my 10th driving lesson when i just started learning. And it helps that he was so calm and patient.I practically drove around the whole of Ipoh.. to old town, Tambun, Bercham, Fairpark, The airport (which i realize is functioning but only flies to Indonesia.. sien)..wa covered everywhere i've been to in Ipoh.

But admittedly i still have fears of changing lanes and getting too close to other vehicles plus i dun look at mirrors enough when i turn.Next lesson will be using my car.He he he ..

And to end the day on a sweet note we went to watch Igor which was ok pretty funny.A movie to laugh too whoo pee..So now i'm relaxed and ready for the challenges of tomorrow in 6c (jaundice ward!!! neonates!!) which is pretty ok if only the MO's there we'rent so JUMPY. I've got this MO who over reacts to everything.

Oh, and i've been meaning to show all my new beauty purchases..
I've discovered Bloom sheer colour cream! My God u can use it on ur cheeks and lips and even on your eye lids. I think that's a bit much so i just use it on the cheeks (gives me a rosy glow) and lips. I'd say its a beauty must have!

Plus i also bought the BLOOM lip plump.To obviously plump up my lips. I'd say it looks like a really nice gloss but if u ask me if there is any plumping effect? Err.. so far not much.

But it has a good moisturizing effect so no regrets buying either.Plus i got a free gift with purchase..

An aromatherapy lip balm which i have yet to use. I think i'll just give it to someone since i've got the lip plump anyway.Anyone needs some lip balm??

Oh and i also bought some masks and BB cream which i'm really pleased with~ I'll put it up on the next post. I work everyday but still its strangely ok~


jarien said...

wow.. wow.. wow..
what an "eventful" day..
it's good that ended well..

jeez, u really go for driving lesson? it's a one time thingy only?

saltvinegar said...

i think i need a few lessons lor so i can safely say i am a safe driver

jarien said...

wooo .. alritey ..
then all d best to u ..
looking forward for a ride from u :P


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