Monday, 24 November 2008

My car again

I love my car.Really do cos my Dad loaned it to me.But today my car has been defaced!!And all thanks to the stupid road works ppl~ Argh parked my car on the side of the road, car pool with JH to work. Then mid morning my housemate called me and told me there was a sign on my car for me to move it cos they wanna do road works. Ok i tot i'll move it when i come back cos this morning when i left for work there were no such signs there. PLus i had a surprise assessment out of the blue so i didn't and couldn't go back to move my car. When i got back, there were black leopard splotches on the driver's side of the door and window! Argh!! And there is nothing i could do bout it. Brought it to the cleaners today but to no avail.
I wanted to write a lengthy letter to JKR for an explanation but JH says whats the point? Just live with it. Sien....My poor innocent car.Sigh~

On a happier note the assessment is not too bad and I'm going back to JB on the 3rd whoopee hurray!

And last weekend when i went back to KL with JH bought some really nice face masks and BB cream.

I've always wanted to buy 'wo de mei li ri ji'(我的美丽日记) face masks ever since seeing their really pretty print ad on Choc magazine (Taiwan fashion mag).


I mean look at this~ Its so scrapbook girly and entirely wholesome. But since it was a Taiwanese mag i guess it's unlikely that it would be sold retail in Malaysia. But i was wrong. I was practically jumping with joy when i saw it in one of the lots in 'In a box' together with some 'F cup cookies' . By golly it has reached our shores! So i bought the pearl powder mask and the rice peptide one not really knowing what they were for. But at 7 bucks a piece i didn't want to buy too much just in case i'm allergic to it or something.

I tried the rice peptide one and it felt really good! After taking out the mask there was no sticky feeling and it felt like all the nutrients had been absorbed? Ok just felt that way and my skin looked like it had a healthy glow.

So for the sake of this blog i went online to find out wat these masks were called ( cos i cant read Chinese) and what they were used for.

And i found tht it was sold for RM5.50 online on MAlaysian blogs and forums! Wah and $1.50 in Singapore blogs. Wah so cheap for such a great mask!!

It apparently comes in packs like these of different types so u can use it everyday?Like a diary?

Click on the diagram to see what the functions are but i guess it's petty much the same. Moisturizing and brightening.

And see the model is damn pretty~ pretty girls sells good stuff.. haha my bros philosophy i think?

Am really tempted to buy some more~ bUt dun really trust online stores yet~ Aiks just found a site which sells it for Rm4.90 per piece.

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