Saturday, 15 November 2008


This will mainly be a photo blog cos there was nothing much to blog about Pangkor anyway. Only went there cos we're in Ipoh so relatively damn near and we had a weekend off so too short to go anywhere la. Therefore me and JH together with my housemate and his significant other set off for Pangkor in a brand new car. Dun ask me what car cos i seriously dun pay attention to stuff like this. All i now is its new and either a Honda or Toyota.

So the ride to Lumut took maybe 1-2 hours and from there we took a ferry over to Pangkor Island. The mainland was actually much more happening than the island itself so i guess its not a bad idea to get souvenirs like t shirts and sarongs from the mainland first.

The ferry's were big and could fit a few hundred people with in-house entertainment (a tv tht showed dvd movies). Just ignore the occasional fly buzzing around. The first thing i checked out was the life jackets. Ok quite well stocked. And i made sure i knew where the emergency exits were cos i obviously i'm paranoid and i can't swim.. at all. But i was wondering do they have sizes for these emergency jackets? What do the kids wear? Adult sizes? And what if they were all in kid sizes? How does the 200 pound ang moh get into it.And if he does get into it would it help him float? But i guess all that fat would come in handy at a time like this.

Rows of orange jackets

There are a few resorts on Pangkor Island.The best and most luxurious (also the most expensive) Is Pangkor Laut resort where you can practically live on the sea. The next best being Pangkor Island Beach Resort. We went to neither. Cos my friend was in charge of the bookings and he heard Teluk Dalam beach resort was pretty good as well. Well, the good thing was each of us couples had individual kampung style chalets. The bad thing was the furniture was garish and gaudy so much so that it doesn't warrant a picture.Go look up the website if you want and the pictures don't lie, its is as sparsely decorated as that. And it wasn't even cheap! At 280 per night we could have gotten quite nicely furnished rooms at Pangkor Island Beach Resort~ (cos there was a promotion going on at the time)

Oh well anyway the room was comfortable and cold enough and the whole point is getting outdoors anyway.

Waiting for our rooms at the lobby

The guy who made it all possible ~ Neo

The aforementioned chalets

Wash leg also must hold hands

The good thing bout is was we had loads of candid shots courtesy of Neo cos he's into photography and he has a nice camera.

And so he had perfected various techniques of photograpy and self photography such as this one. Are'nt they cute together?

The cat who followed us around.

Which was a bad move cos he followed too closely and was drenched by the waves. He/she din follow us around long enuff though or we would have given it all our food.Poor fella.

We actually went there to capture the sun set.

Great photo opportunity for us who hardly have the time or view to see the sun setting into the horizon.

Dunno what we were doing but Neo caught it on film.

I took so many shots of this till we could get a just about ok shot.

Are you sick of this already?

Waiting for our dinner by the beach.

Neo's giant prawn dish.

Double date.

The resort by night.

And in the morning.

I love this. We were walking towards the lobby to check out while my friends were atop a tower snapping away.

After checking out we went to a temple by the sea but we just took pics of the sea la.

As i said loads of candid shots.

The water was much clearer at the temple part of the beach.

And we went to town cos Jia Yee wanted to buy ikan bilis for her mom. And here's where they 'sidai' all the anchovies.

I think the highlight of my trip was the keropok lekor. I ate at least 20 of those and craving for more. And taking photos. Otherwise the beach was a letdown the resort was so-so and practically nothing to do at night. So its a good idea to bring some snacks to your hotel room at night cos a lot of places are closed.

Go only if
1) you're bored and stay in Perak
2) you're an ang moh who just wants visit all the beaches in peninsular Malaysia. (better choices would be Langkawi or Redang)
3) you wanna eat nice keropok lekor in the west coast
4) you want peace and quite
5) you need to go there for induksi
6) or any other government sponsored courses
7) you like dirty beaches even privately owned ones
8) you're too lazy to drive to the east coast
9) you're gonna be staying at Pangkor Laut
10)you live there.


shirlyn said...

ok.i kno this comment is reli late but i still wana leave one..

so romantic la those pics by the beach....*jealous*...lesson learned: bring a friend who likes photography with u during a holiday...

saltvinegar said...

yeah i noe.. .but Jh din enjoy the holiday tht much cos he is so not a nature person.Ha ha~

Dun worry when u get married can bring a photographer with u to all those exotic locations and take romantic pics!


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