Thursday, 23 October 2008

Funny Photos~

Muahaha have been having fun with photos~

Thanks to everyone who let me edit their photos!

Traditional sketch photos~

Of me

And of a little baby

Congratulations~~would have made a banner if i had money to burn~

Never thought Ben would be on a fashion advert

Welcome to the yummy tea cafe

Fuyoh~ become a star

Potter mania~

Personalize your car~

Polaroid clothes

Aww~ dun you think this would make a great cover of an anniversary card?

Work of art~ahem even if i do say so myself

Dunno Ben will be happy or not~

My dream come true~ iphone advert billboard~

Looks like one of those family serials~

I love this one~ How did they do it??

This could be a ... purikura advert? So more ppl would invest in it in Ipoh?

Eh love the way the colour totally blends in nicely~ Tried with a lot of other photos but tak jadi

Another perfect match~ damn old school no?

Captain Daniel babyface~

And last but not least the OMG photo of the day~



Tambahan~ my mother wants me to put this up~

So nice rite?

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